Winter Foods: 5 Spanish Recipes to Keep You Warm!

In Spain, soups, consommé, cream of vegetable soup, and stews are very typical dishes with the arrival of the colder months. Now with the cold and rain upon us again, there’s nothing better to cheer us up than some solid, traditional, old-school Spanish cuisine goodness.

In addition, the rhythm of routine tasks and the school year are back in full swing of course, and that all inevitably consumes a lot of energy. So, let’s bring on some cosy, homemade dishes in Winter Foods: 5 Spanish Recipes to Keep You Warm!

1. Spanish Stew

This recipe is made with chickpeas, meat or tofu and vegetables (turnip greens, cabbage). It’s undoubtedly one of the most varied dishes depending on the region of Spain: ie. Madrid, Maragato, Montañés, Extremadura, Lebaniego, Galicia, Cataluña etc. Each region has a particular way of preparing it. A healthier, plant-based option is totally viable, prepare these dishes with chickpeas and vegetables.

2. Potato Stew

There are many versions of this. The main ingredient is potatoes, and these can be cooked with tofu, fish, with chorizo ​​(“Patatas a la Riojana”), etc. Furthermore, this dish can also be fully made with vegetables, so it’s of course great for the vegetarian and vegan population.

3. Legume Stew

Lentils and beans are also top nutritious ingredients for preparing delicious dishes on cold days. Besides, they are rich in nutrients and can be combined with almost any ingredient.

These stews are usually made full of vegetables, but you can really add anything you want (preferably plant-based).

4. Crumbs with Grapes (Migas Manchegas)

This is a dish made up of very basic ingredients but it is very strong. It is made from bread, garlic, olive oil and grapes.

Originally, it is a recipe in which stale bread from the previous day is used. Normally, it is usually accompanied by a chorizo. A lighter version is to take it with seasonal fruits: orange, and pomegranate, to give a contrast of flavours to the dish.

5. Spanish-Style Soups

These can turn out to be very healthy and nutritious dishes with a range of exciting flavours for winter-dish lovers. Use carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, leek, and zucchini. If we season these ingredients with spices, no doubt a memorably moreish recipe can be put together!

What better way to handle the fall (autumn) and cold days than with a hot, savoury meal on the table? Homemade stews give off scents, possess flavours and textures that are simply gorgeous, making your home very homely as well as warming your body with their various herbs and spices. Which winter foods or winter-warming recipes are you looking forward to make this fall (or autumn)? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

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Maria Sanchez

María Sánchez from Spain, is a Dietitian and Nutritionist. She loves her career, being able to help and teach others, including sharing her knowledge and experience through the writing and publishing of nutrition articles. She believes that nutrition is a very important science in life, and that the correct type of diet can help prevent diseases for which we simply don't have effective cures. Her mission is to educate people on healthy eating to achieve optimum well-being.

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