What are the 7 Major Mental Health Disorders?

Mental health disorders are referred to as mental illnesses. They can affect the entire body, thoughts, moods, and behavior too. There is no link between genetics and the likelihood of having a mental health disorder. Lifestyle factors like diet, substance abuse, and individual activity will influence the onset of depression, anxiety, and such conditions. People can however find solutions for their mental health conditions. 

Mental health disorders can be occasional or chronic. They can affect an individual’s ability to relate with others and function in their lifetime. Some steps can be taken to improve overall mental health. Some disorders are more serious and will require professional intervention, either temporarily or for the long term though at places like Ohio PHP

1. Anxiety Disorders

This is a common category of mental health disorder in America. Anxiety disorders will cause people to experience distressing and frequent fear thoughts. Many people will experience these feelings during their work. Anxiety is a blanket term that will include a host of specific disorders that can be looked into at Ohio PHP

Generalized anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders. They’re characterized by excessive worry about issues and the situations that individuals experience every day. Worrying about the perception of the situation falls under this disorder. 

2. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

This condition features recurring, uncontrollable thoughts or behaviors that one individual will feel an urge to repeat over and over in life. 

3. Panic Disorder

If anyone is experiencing frequent, sudden panic attacks then the person may be diagnosed with panic disorder. A panic attack does not mean an individual that is having panic disorder but has a pattern of panic attacks. 

4. Mood Disorders

As per estimates 1 in every 10 adults is suffering from some type of mood disorder. It is normal to experience mood swings from time to time. People with mood disorders with more persistent and severe symptoms will tend to disrupt their daily lives. It depends on the specific disorders, but people can experience ongoing sad, anxious, or empty moods.

5. Psychotic Disorders

Those who are suffering from psychotic disorders are unable to understand what is real and what is not. Mental disorders change the individual’s sense of reality. Scientists believe that viruses, problems with how the brain works, extreme stress or trauma, and drug abuse play a role in development.

For those people who suffer from schizophrenia, it is a serious mental disorder that will cause people to experience an abnormal reality. It will include delusional or disordered thinking or behavior. This is a sort of combination of psychotic disorder and mood disorder that causes people to experience both psychosis symptoms.

6. Dementia

Those suffering from dementia-related disorders will experience a decline in their cognitive abilities. The category that is related to a host of conditions, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60 to 80% of dementia cases.

It will slowly destroy memory and thinking skills even when carrying out the simplest tasks. The other forms of dementia will take the form of Parkinson’s disease. 

7. Eating Disorders

In eating disorders it is more than simply about an individual’s relationship for eating food. It is a much more complex mental disorder that often requires interventions from medical and psychological experts.

Those afflicted can have unhealthy eating habits, develop with an obsession with food, body weight, or body shape. They get tense about body weight and don’t eat much. As eating disorders compound, they become troublesome for many people.

Doctors say that in order to save money or other perspectives people stop eating foods. For a good and healthy body people need to eat regularly and have the energy. After eating food, if the person is taking proper rest and getting a decent hour per day of exercise then most health issues will be averted. There are a lot of mental health disorders that people can easily avoid if they know how.

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