Top 5 Ways to Curb your Sugar Cravings!

We’re always seeing endless amounts of information and news stories about how sugar is making the nation obese, but how can we actually try to stop it? With snacks like cookies, chocolate and brownies everywhere we turn it can prove difficult not to give into the sweet temptation!  Well look no further because here we give you the Top 5 Ways to Curb your Sugar Cravings so you can kick your sugary habit, say no to the cravings and take more control of what you put into your body.

1. Eat less sugar

I know that sounds obvious but the reason you crave sugar is because you eat too much of it, that’s a fact.

When you eat sugar it spikes the insulin levels in your body which gives you that sugar rush and makes you feel happy. But it also gives you the crash afterwards that makes you feel sluggish and then you crave it again later and the cycle goes on.

This means that naturally, the less sugar you eat the less often you’ll get cravings. Plus you’re likely to get the awesome bonus of feeling healthier and happier.

2. Have sugar alternatives

This is one of the main ways I find it easy to stay off processed sugar.

Naturally occurring sugars found in some syrups like date syrup, agave nectar and pure maple syrup don’t spike your insulin levels the same way processed sugar does. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can go overboard on natural sugar either, you have to have balance, but alternatives can taste just as sweet and indulgent as the processed stuff but without making you ill. Check out my recent article on the Top 10 Sugar Alternatives here.

3. Get enough sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep your brain can’t function properly and this is why people crave any sort of junk food when they’re hungover. When you’re tired you don’t have the energy to fight off cravings and urge to succumb to a quick energy fix in the form of carbs. Lots and lots of carbs! From doughnuts to pizza, it’s almost impossible to curb your cravings when you’re tired so make sure you get as much sleep as you need.

4. Exercise regularly

This should work for pretty much everybody because normally when you exercise and do a really hard workout you feel so good afterwards that you don’t want to ruin your efforts by eating a sugary snack! It’s tempting to eat a horse when you’re starving after a workout but when you get into a routine of being fit and active it’s likely that you’ll naturally want to eat healthier too. Bring on the avocado!

5. Find happiness

Sound like a tall order? It’s true though, you need to take control of your happiness.

If you’re not happy in your job then get a different one, if you have problems at home then move out. Do anything that will make you happy because when you’re feeling down we all naturally want sugar to give us a boost. It does release that ‘feel good’ chemical in your brain so it’s no wonder that we turn to it in our times of need, but the more content you are with life the more you’ll want to look after your body.  (We’ll cover more on the psychological aspects of health in future articles.)

Now if you can do all five of these things together for at least a few weeks you’re onto a massive winner! Not only will you crave sugar less often, or curb the cravings altogether, but (much like I did) you’ll also probably notice a big and beneficial difference in your energy levels, weight, skin health and mood. Go on, give your body the nourishment it deserves!

Safia Yallaoui

Safia is a lifestyle blogger and coach at the fitness membership company MoveGB. She also has an MA in journalism and has done a variety of freelance work in print, radio and online. After losing 14lbs a few years ago Safia got into health and fitness realising the most important thing about clean eating is nourishing your body. She loves to keep in shape with weight training and going to fitness classes. Whilst training to be a Nutritional Therapist she is learning how to alleviate health problems by including or omitting certain foods and has a keen interest in the affects of sugar on a person's physical and mental health.

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