Top 5 Health Benefits of Lemon!

Lemons are one of the most common citrus fruits around, serving not only many cleansing applications but of course health ones too. Grown in warm climates, from California to Sicily to Burma, lemons are a staple of many cuisines. Whether you consume just the zest, juice, or let whole slices infuse into your salads, foods and drink, lemons have some great effects on wellbeing – so read on to find out our Top 5 Health Benefits of Lemon!

1. Aids digestion
Lemons aid digestion in various ways. They contain pectin, a dietary fibre, which maintains colon health, as well as regulating bowel movements by increasing peristalsis. This in turn helps remove waste from the body. The citric acid also interacts with enzymes to stimulate the release of gastric juices.

2. Fights infection and disease
For years lemon and honey have been used to help fight colds, without a real understanding as to how this works. The high levels of Vitamin C and flavonoids in lemon provide antioxidants, helping to defend against damaging free radicals, as well as protecting against immune system deficiencies. The acid also helps to kill bacteria that could lead to infections, while the anti-inflammatory properties soothe existing infections.

3. Lowers blood pressure
The Vitamin C in lemon has been shown to reduce blood pressure, and therefore reduce the risk of stroke. Research has found a link between low levels of Vitamin C and the increased risk of stroke, especially in obese men with high blood pressure. Consuming just one lemon a day is estimated to lower high blood pressure by as much as 10%. One of the flavonoids, Vitamin P, also helps strengthen blood vessels.

4. Good source of key nutrients
Lemon contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, all which contribute to overall good health. Potassium aids functioning of brain and nerve cells, as well maintaining heart health. To ensure efficient energy production magnesium is needed -this is important in the transmission of nerve impulses. While it is widely known that calcium is vital for the building and repairing of bones and teeth, phosphorus also plays a key role. Additionally, calcium helps the blood to clot and the electrolytes contained in lemon also aid hydration.

5. Good for the liver
Lemon is a great liver detoxifier as it stimulates enzymes in your liver by providing them with energy, allowing it to break down uric acid and other toxins. Lemon also helps balance the levels of oxygen and calcium in the liver, to help maintain optimum liver function.

Hopefully after reading this you’ll be keen to try to add a bit more amaZING lemon into your life! One simple way to do this is to drink warm lemon water, ideally first thing in the morning. Alternatively, try alongside baked fish or chicken, as a salad dressing, or to make fragrant roasted dishes. What other uses do you have for lemon? Got a recipe, let us know @keepfitkingdom !

Ellie McKinnell

Ellie is a psychology student with a love of food and fitness. With a childhood obsession with baking and cookery books, she’s developed this into a healthy eating interest, experimenting with healthy twists on her favourite recipes. With a recently discovered love of exercise, she’s always up for trying a new class or gym programme to push her to her limits and get great results!

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