Top 5 Benefits of Cupping

Even though cupping was practiced across the world in ancient times, it’s one of those remedies that you don’t hear often about nowadays, aside from eclectic showbiz types having a go. It is a form of alternative medicine; and as denoted by its name, it involves cups being placed on specific parts of your skin. The local suction created promotes blood flow bringing about relaxation and pain relief to inflamed tissues. The thought of cups stuck on your body may sound strange or scary to some, but don’t worry, it’s safe and non-invasive and with no side effects if performed by a legitimate or certified therapist. Curious? Find out more with these Top 5 Benefits of Cupping!

1. Pain Relief
While cupping is performed on the surface of your skin, it targets deeper muscle tissues too. The pain area, for example, the back, receives a fresh infusion of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients that boost injury healing. The synergistic effect is that your blood carries away dead cells, debris and even toxins that may be contributing to pain in stiff tissues.

2. Natural Relaxation
The improvement you feel in blood circulation during cupping is naturally conducive to mental relaxation. This therapy calms your nervous system, inducing a deep sense of well-being, the same as massaging does, but through negative pressure.

3. Clear, Flawless Skin and Detoxification
The suction applied through cupping may help with skin problems such as acne and cellulite. The elimination of metabolic waste products, toxins and dead cells from of your body cleanses your pores which can help prevent breakouts; relieve skin inflammation and make your skin glow, both looking and feeling better.

4. Better Digestion
As many gastrointestinal diseases can be exaggerated by stress, cupping can help stimulate a healthier digestive system. From flatulence and a loss of appetite to constipation and diarrhoea, they can be helped with the aid of cupping. What’s more, if the cups are specifically placed on the abdomen, muscle stiffness is also relieved, which can also aid bowel movement.

5. Healing Injury
Ever wondered why you’ve heard more and more athletes turning to this therapy? In contrast to conventional medicine, which promotes the treating of injuries by reducing swelling, cupping actually aids inflammation – your body’s natural process of healing. Interestingly enough, inflammation promotes healing by drawing blood to the affected area. Cupping therapy works much the same way by increasing localised blood flow, thus enriching the area as mentioned earlier with immunity-boosting cells and nutrients.

Even though scientists say they’re not quite sure how the biological mechanism of cupping works, millions of people worldwide have seen and felt noticeable improvements after using the therapy. Still thinking about trying it? Ask us about any concerns you may have. Tried it? Let us know of your experience in the comments below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram. (If you’re suffering from pain, do check out our reviews on the handheld laser therapy device Handy Cure, the excellent vibrating Pulseroller and Pulseball as well as the Acten formula for joint pain and the HighRoller foam roller, to help you get your Fit back on as soon as possible!) 

Dimitra Theodoraki

Dimitra is a passionate Nutritionist and Dietitian, who walks the talk of what she preaches to her clients as she basically eats and breathes nutrition. She has been a fitness enthusiast from a very young age, expressed through her love for rhythmic gymnastics and her current exploration in yoga. Dimitra aspires to be a personal trainer to combine sports with nutrition coaching. When she is not busy with her profession, she can be found in a fitness class, on the dance floor, or camping on a deserted beach!

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