Top 5 Benefits of Casein Protein!

We’ve all heard of whey protein, but its slightly more distant cousin, casein protein, is perhaps less well-known. On the opposite side of the scale to whey, casein is a slow-acting protein that has multiple benefits for those who lift weights or exercise regularly. Continue reading to find out the Top 5 Benefits of Casein Protein!

1. Bedtime recovery
With casein being a slow-release protein, it’ll keep your muscles fuelled long into the night. Whilst results may not be entirely built while you sleep, a casein protein shake just before you hit the hay should be your first choice of beverage before the lights go out. With its ability to be able to release a steady flow of vital amino acids needed for your recovery, you’ll wake up feeling ready for your morning workout.

2. Fat loss
People who take casein on a daily basis have been found to have a higher metabolic rate while sleeping, according to a study conducted in the Netherlands. In other words, by taking casein, your body will burn more calories while you rest leading to a better overall fat-balance. The good news doesn’t stop there though, with the study also discovering that satiety levels in its subjects were 33% higher, resulting in less of a need to raid the fridge late at night; win-win!

3. Greater gains
According to a Texas study, casein may be even more important than whey when it comes to building muscle. They took 36 males who weight-trained regularly and found that those who were given both whey and casein largely outperformed those who were given whey, BCAAs and a glutamine supplement. Across the 10-week period that this study was carried out, those who used whey and casein achieved the best fat-free muscle mass.

4. Improved strength
Casein actually has double the effect that whey protein has on chest, leg and shoulder strength, a Massachusetts study has revealed. The reason being, researchers believe, is casein’s anti-catabolic abilities, which is the ability to negate the breakdown (or atrophy) of muscle tissue.

5. Tough teeth
The prevention of enamel erosion is a hot topic surrounding casein and casein derived proteins, according to a study conducted by the University of Bristol. The study says, ‘the application of milk-derived proteins such as casein as anti-erosion agents in oral healthcare products is of current interest.’ Not a bad way to avoid those dreaded dentist visits along with their unfeasible fees, is it?

If you, like many, have succumbed to a plateau regarding diet, training and gains, it might be time to shake things up a little and add casein to your diet. If used correctly alongside a healthy diet and regular training regime, you should start to see an improvement in leaner, fat-free muscle gains! What are your thoughts on protein supplements, what have you found works for you?  Let us know below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!  (Interested to get into the iron game? Check out these awesome weightlifter physiques , British and World’s Strongest Men and these Bodybuilding Legends!)

Matthew Maynard

Matthew is both a keen rugby player and health and fitness enthusiast. An English Literature graduate, he's also pursuing a career in writing. Alongside developing articles for Keep Fit Kingdom, he plies his skills writing freelance for an academic journal.

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