Spring Fruit Cocktails: 3 Amazing, Recipes You’ll LOVE!

Spring arrives and with it, good weather and vibrant colors. This makes us crave more refreshing and tasty foods, such as fruit. These are a perfect way to enjoy the season and can also be enjoyed in a cocktail. These typically tend to be very light and fresh, and, likewise, by containing seasonal fruits, they can ideally hydrate us and provide vitamins, minerals and beneficial compounds for the body, such as antioxidants.

Today we’ve got 3 fabulous fruit cocktail ideas that you can enjoy and make at home. Follow on for 3 Amazing, Spring Fruit Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love!

1. Orange & Forest Fruit Cocktail

Orange is a fruit rich in vitamin C and minerals. In addition, fruits of the forest are also antioxidant-rich foods. Combined, they can make a fabulous drink.

For this recipe, firstly, we need to squeeze around 3-4 oranges to gain 200ml of juice. Once done, separate the pulp. Then, together with the squeezed orange juice, add a little pineapple juice (50ml), blueberry juice (50ml) with 50g of blueberries and 50g of strawberries.

Add a little crushed ice and blend everything up. When serving this cocktail, decorate it with a mint leaf and a skewer of strawberries, blueberries, and orange slices and voila, this delicious treat is yours to savour!

2. Pineapple Lemonade with a Touch of Ginger

Pineapple is a very powerful, diuretic fruit and ginger has numerous health benefits. For this recipe we’ll need a medium-sized pineapple, 30ml of homemade lemon juice, a piece of fresh ginger, 1 liter of sparkling water and a little sweetener (either honey or stevia).

Peel the pineapple whilst preserving its juices as much as possible. Also, peel and chop the ginger and squeeze the lemon juice. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Depending on whether you like it more or less sweet, you can add a little sweetener to sweeten this delicious cocktail. Put everything to a jar and let it cool. Likewise, you can add a little crushed ice before serving….and Wow!

3. Non-Alcoholic Mojitos

You probably already know a bit about these, but today we’re going to do them healthier! To do this, you’ll need half a lime, 50ml of pineapple juice, 70ml of sparkling water, brown sugar (1 tablespoon), mint or spearmint and crushed ice.

First, cut the lime into 4 pieces and add to a glass with the brown sugar. Using a mortar and pestle, crush the lime so that it releases the juice together with the sugar. Then, add the mint or peppermint and crush again.

Finally, add the pineapple juice, crushed ice and sparkling water. You can also include frozen pineapple pieces in your cocktail for an even more furiously intense, and delicious taste sensation!

These delicious beverages are perfect for this spring, and can be served anytime, at a party, or whenever you just want a cold, refreshing drink stacked to the brim with the season’s fruitiest flavors. Which are you going to blend up and enjoy? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

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