SARMs: What to Know Before Using Them

If you’re an avid gym-goer, you’ve probably heard of SARMs, and if you’ve reached a plateau in your training after years of dedication, you might be considering taking them yourself. While SARMs can be beneficial to your physique and performance in many ways, there are also some risks, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible before you start using them.

As long as you understand what you need to do to negate any side effects, then there is a range of different SARMs that you can choose from to help you reach your physique potential. In this article, we discuss SARMs: What to Know Before Using Them!

What are SARMs?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or SARMs, are increasingly popular synthetic compounds that are often used as an alternative to anabolic steroids. Like steroids, SARMs bind themselves to androgen receptors in the body and increases the growth rate of your muscles. But unlike steroids, in most cases SARMs, do not trigger the same side effects in the body, so users can avoid the troubles of acne, hair loss and some other serious health concerns.

However, these compounds have not been approved for human consumption, so although they can be taken in pill form, it’s really important to stay safe when using SARMs and to be fully conscious of what you are taking.

How to Find a Reputable Supplier

One of the biggest problems that SARMs users face is the lack of legislation or information out there around these products. Many individuals who take them often source them from another gym-goer or over the counter at a gym that buys them from outside suppliers. However, without laws around how these are sourced, this can sometimes lead to products that are misadvertised, increasing the risk of medical issues arising from their use.

The best way to purchase SARMs is to use a reputable supplier like UK SARMs, who offer a range of products that are tested in a medical-grade laboratory for quality and purity, with greater than 99% purity guaranteed for all of their products. Additionally, by taking advantage of UKSARMs best price guarantee, you can make sure that you’re getting the best priced SARMs for your money and not sacrificing your health.

How to Plan a SARMs Cycle

To plan your first SARMs cycle, it’s important to consider what your goals are for this cycle and also what you’ll need to do before and after you run it. The best approach is to find a knowledgeable coach who can help you to make an informed choice about what to take on the cycle, and who can help you to track your health both during and after.

Getting your bloodwork tested is a great first step, as this will give you an insight into your internal health and you can compare your bloodwork as you come off the cycle to see if there is anything you need to manage more closely. A Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is also a very crucial part of any cycle, so make sure to do thorough research about how to support your body as you reduce your dosages.

Ultimately, while it can be difficult to get clear information on SARMs, it’s important that you make the right decisions for yourself when it comes to going on a cycle. By following this guide and choosing a reputable supplier, as well as appropriately planning a PCT and monitoring your blood work, you can realize the gains you want without compromising your health.

What methods or hacks have helped you most on your muscle-growth journey? Have you considered using SARMs? What do you think about their potential, use and or risks? Check out the IFBB Pro bodybuilding coach, Greg Doucette videos above and join in the discussion below and on FacebookTwitter & Instagram! 

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