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Quoats was founded out of the desire to find a tasty but healthy breakfast that could be eaten on the go. The founders both have farming backgrounds and all of their quinoa, oats and flax are grown in Britain. This review looks at their three flavours of quality porridge which can be eaten of course more frequently than just at breakfast. A huge convenience in this day and age is that all you need to prepare is add boiling water they’ll be ready to go in just 3 minutes!


Original – Rolled Oats (51%), Quinoa Flakes (25%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Flax Meal (1.0%).

Date & Pecan – Rolled Oats (42%), Quinoa Flakes (21%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Dates (10%) (chopped dates 97%, rice flour 3%), Pecan Nuts (6.7%) Flax Meal (0.8%).

Coconut & RaspberryRolled Oats (43%), Quinoa Flakes (22%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Desiccated Coconut (6.9%), Raspberry (6.9%), Flax Meal (0.8%).

Nutrition: All three products promote healthy eating and have some excellent nutritional values. They contain no added sugar and provide a natural source of protein as well as fibre. On top of that, flax provides a source of omega-3 and oats contain beta glucan which is proven to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.


OriginalA mild oaty taste which was very flavoursome but with a nice smooth texture. It wasn’t bland in anyway but as it’s the original flavour it gives you the option to add what you want to it.

Date & PecanThe different pieces of date and pecan really gave this porridge a great texture as well as a scrumptious flavour. This mixed with the quinoa, oats and flax makes a tasty, healthy breakfast which is well worth a try.

Coconut & RaspberryThe coconut taste comes through well with the sweetness of the raspberries which adds a great combination of flavours. Both the coconut and raspberries work really well together and offer up a very pleasant and easily digestible porridge.

Value: This porridge is great because it only takes three minutes to make meaning you can eat it at work if you don’t have time at home, or you could even have it as a pudding later in the day. It’s a quick, healthy alternative and a great way to rev up your motor and ignite your engine for the day. Despite the cost at £2 each, (a little more than a Quaker pot) for the increased freshness, convenience, health benefits and quite frankly, that British Countryside goodness that goes into these and all their products, we think it’s well worth it. Try, compare and you’ll taste and savour the difference for yourself.

Summary: Overall I really enjoyed these products as I felt they gave me some extra energy in the morning. Some porridge and cereals can be bland but these smell and taste unmistakably homely and you will definitely get a thorough sense of the goodness you’re providing yourself, inside and out!

Product Rating: 8/10

To find out more and to order Quoats’ products do visit their website. They are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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