Myotherapy: 3 Facts About How It Relieves Muscle Pain

Myotherapy is very appropriate for this day and age where the digitalization of every industry has made it possible for most of the world’s population to have a desk job. While that has its own set of pros, it has a lot of cons too. While it takes away the need to constantly be on the move and deal with harsh climatic conditions, it has almost ‘forced’ us into embracing a sedentary lifestyle. And with the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing forcing people to work from home, doesn’t exactly help the problem either. This is leading to numerous health issues, including muscle stiffness, back, postural alignment, and neck problems.

People worldwide are willing to spend thousands of pounds or dollars every year to overcome their muscle pains by investing in the most expensive treatments. However, many of them do not prove to be effective or may involve a lot of painful procedures. Are you struggling to recover from muscular injuries or stiffness? Then read on for Myotherapy: 3 Facts About How It Relieves Muscle Pain!

Myotherapy is a popular physical therapy that is growing more and more popular among affected people, and the reason for that is simple. Unlike most treatments, myotherapy is non-invasive and is proven to reduce muscular tension and pain. 

1. Myotherapy is Highly Effective

Over 95% of people who try myotherapy find it effective in treating muscular pain and discomfort. It is effective in treating superficial injuries and muscle strains from arthritis to fibromyalgia. However, it is important to find a centre specializing in treating the muscle you are trying to heal.

When you visit a centre such as, you would see that there are different specialists for head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, feet, etc. Focusing on finding a specialist who can cater to your unique needs will help you find the quickest solutions and pain relief.

2. Different from Remedial Massage

While most people confuse myotherapy with remedial massage, they differ significantly from each other. While getting a remedial massage can reduce the pain and stiffness you are experiencing temporarily, it cannot heal permanently. This means that the muscle pain you are battling with will likely relapse within a short time as soon as you return to your regular lifestyle.

However, myotherapy, on the other hand, will focus on identifying the root cause of your muscle strain, tightness, or soreness. It will then treat you by healing your musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries. The wide variety of massage techniques used by a myotherapist will help to ensure that the patient experiences a more enduring if not permanent relief – not just temporarily.

3. Enhances Physical Performance

Myotherapy is a hot favorite among athletes because it enhances physical performance. This is because myotherapy revitalizes the muscles, which promotes healing and helps overcome muscle spasms. Besides that, it also increases muscle flexibility and prepares the body to deal with the physical and mental stresses you go through daily.

A significant reduction in pain, swelling, and stiffness is noticeable in the patient from the first session. However, the patient needs to be fully invested in the therapy for long-lasting and sustainable results. They would have to bear an optimistic, positive attitude and be committed fully to the treatment process to reap the maximum fruits of myotherapy.

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