MICRO-HABITS: 5 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals & Dreams!

There is value in small things done consistently over time. Which means that our most basic actions and seemingly inconsequential routines are actually the key players moving our life in whatever direction it is going. What are these little but high leverage advantages that occur every day? They are the daily habits and lifestyle choices we make. They have a compounding effect over time, and you definitely want to know about these as they direct your destiny too! Read on for MICRO-HABITS: 5 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals & Dreams!

1. Create a Success Atmosphere

By setting small goals, you’re much more likely to accomplish them. What’s even better, is that meeting these small goals means you get to a point where you start expecting success, this then snowballs and leads to the mindset that will generate that success you’re expecting.

2. Change Your Perception of Yourself 

By accomplishing micro or mini-goals, you start to realize that you do have the ability and power to accomplish things. Your confidence grows, and you gain a better, more positive sense of your abilities.

3. Rediscover Motivation

Motivation is sometimes hard to come by and its credit gets used up quickly. That’s why micro-habits are important as they don’t rely on motivation to accomplish things, they grow from daily used willpower instead. Then as you reach those goals, you start to feel the energy of that success, which in turn creates a virtuous cycle habit thought of motivation to keep going.

4. Reserve Time for Things You Enjoy

By starting these micro-habits, you start realizing what is important to you in your everyday life. Instead of watching TV for 5 hours a day, you can replace 4 of those hours with four new hobbies! Hobbies that you enjoy…such as reading, painting, exercising, dancing, baking, music, writing, etc. You also feel more accomplished when you start doing new things that you love every day. In the end, cut out the things that do not make you truly happy and instead do the things you’ve always wanted to do. The time is going to pass regardless, so why not do those constructive things you enjoy?

5. Watch Yourself Perform More Efficiently & Comfortably

Small habits are a great way to move your day along. Once you start performing these small habits everyday, you will start to notice how much easier your daily and weekly tasks become. Not only will you complete tasks better and faster, you will also become more creative, effective and even find more novel, and creative ways to manage your time and energy for extra convenience with everyday tasks. Once you become more comfortable with the smaller habits, you will start becoming more relaxed and comfortable with handling bigger tasks and challenges for further growth and development.

As long as you keep moving step by step daily, you’ll create a series of changes that you will carry with you for the rest of your entire life. Micro-habits done daily will build up into stronger habits that will become more powerful than you as a mere single individual! Their propulsion power is multiple times whatever you could hope to do physically. The trick? Choose the right, positive, constructive habits, and STICK to them until they grow bigger than you! Then it’s automatic from there on out. Habit is habit, it works whether you use them to become an idealistic philosopher, athlete or a hopeless drunk. The mechanism of habit operates the same way for everyone.

Small habits not only change how we do things but change how we think and act. By making a practice of following consciously, and well-selected micro habits, you will soon be impelling some pretty major life changes! If you choose something and stick with it long enough, eventually it will take over and multiply ahead of you. As F.M. Alexander said, “People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”

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