4 Tips for Preparing Your Body for Long-Distance Cycling

Cycling is an incredibly versatile pastime! If you’re up for the challenge, it’s essential to know tips on how to prepare for long-distance cycling. Stay hydrated, stretch, and take your time! Whether you plan on pursuing racing or want to travel the country, long-distance cycling requires preparation and hard work. You spend hours of your time peddling and pushing yourself to your absolute limit to go as far as possible.

But, before you jump on your bike, you need to know a few tips regarding bodily preparation for long-distance cycling. From keeping yourself hydrated to practicing ahead of time, learn these techniques before you start in 4 Tips for Preparing Your Body for Long-Distance Cycling!

1. Set Realistic Cycling Goals for Yourself

When you commit to a long-distance trek, you don’t want to immediately jump on the bike and push yourself for half a day. You’ll feel exhausted and in pain, making you less motivated to try again.

Instead, prepare yourself for long-distance cycling through a set of realistic goals for yourself and build up towards increasing your stamina. A benefit of cycling is that it helps build your muscles and can help you lose some weight, so build yourself up slowly to cycling by going for 20 minutes a day for four days a week. Before you know it, you’ll see those benefits and start taking on challenging treks.

2. While Cycling Monitor Your Food and Hydration

When you cycle for a significant amount of time, you risk either becoming sick from eating too much, or not having enough energy from eating too little. A contributing factor to optimal cycling is proper food and water to keep your energy up and to ensure you stay hydrated.

When you’re on the road, a way to stay hydrated while cycling is to take a moment to stop and drink some water. You can also rotate different water flavors to keep your taste buds alive and your mind psychologically refreshed.

Additionally, load yourself up with simple carbs to snack on every fifteen minutes while on the road to help nourish your body.

3. Anticipate Bodily Pain

One of the most uncomfortable things that occur while cycling is experiencing cramps or bodily spasms. Because you’re sitting for long periods and constantly peddling, you’re more prone to pain and cramping.

You can practice a few yoga exercises for cycling, such as the camel pose, upward-facing dog, and low lunge poses. These stretches can help stretch and warm up your hamstrings and hip flexors, making for a far more comfortable ride.

4. Pack Emergency Essentials

If you plan on traveling far from home, don’t get caught out by an injury due to not having necessary supplies with you. As you pack your backpack, bring an emergency kit, extra water bottles, multi-functional tools, money, and some identification. Keeping yourself safe is a top priority when you travel long distances.

Long-distance cycling can be incredibly beneficial if you take the necessary precautions first. You’ll experience fond memories of travelling, building up your strength and endurance as you cycle whenever you desire to visit a new location!

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Jennifer Dawson

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