Lipedema: 5 Tips to Help You Manage the Condition

Living with the effects of lipedema is certainly not fun. There are both issues with pain and appearance when you have lipedema due to the swelling. The good news is that you can manage your lipedema symptoms. Check out these simple tips in Lipedema: 5 Tips to Help You Manage the Condition.

1. Understand the Condition

Finding out that you have lipedema may be concerning. You may have not even had an answer to what is lipedema before your diagnosis. While it may be concerning, once you understand it, it’s a lot easier to manage it.

Working with your healthcare provider to discover treatment plans can help you find some peace of mind and solutions to the pain and swelling. Be careful about what you read online because although you can get some valuable information, much of the information out there may have nothing to do with your particular condition.

2. Keep a Healthy Diet

With a proper diet, you can manage the swelling symptoms of lipedema. While changing what you eat won’t eliminate the swelling completely, it can help you manage it and minimize fat deposits from collecting in your legs. Foods like salmon, garlic, ginger, turmeric, berries, and vegetables all have anti-inflammatory benefits, which can be helpful for managing the symptoms of lipedema.

It can be challenging to keep up with meal prep and make sure you’re always eating the healthiest foods. It may be helpful to order a healthy food subscription so you can manage your lipedema in a predictable way.

3. Maintain an Exercise Routine

Low-impact exercises like swimming, walking, or biking can all be beneficial for your lipedema symptoms. Swimming can be especially helpful since it makes it easier for you to move without too much pain or discomfort while you still reap the benefits of active movement. High-intensity exercises may be uncomfortable for those dealing with more progressive swelling.

Weight management is essential when you’re struggling with lipedema, so if you have a few pounds you could afford to lose, consider a weight loss routine with a personal trainer to help you reach your health goals. Not only will weight management support you with your lipedema, but it can certainly help improve your overall quality of life.

4. Use Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may also be helpful. Massages can help move fluids and prevent them from collecting. Typically, a physical therapist can help provide you with various sets of exercises that can help fluids flow. These exercises would typically involve ankle pumps, hip abductions, shoulder shrugs, and even water therapy.

You may want to find a physical therapist if you’re dealing with a lot of pain and want to get some specialized help with managing it. At the very least, speak to your health-care provider about exercises they can send you home with.

5. Find out if Liposuction is Suitable

Liposuction may be especially helpful for those with more severe lipedema swelling and symptoms. It loosens up fat deposits, minimizing swelling and fat so that you can lead a more active lifestyle. There are different stages of lipedema, so liposuction is primarily beneficial for those who suffer with a more advanced stage of the condition.

Speak to your medical provider to determine if this is a suitable treatment for you. Bear in mind that health insurance may not always be able to cover this procedure, so consider this as you think about the types of treatments that would be best for you.

Lipedema may not be a fun diagnosis to receive, but fortunately it can be managed. While swelling is difficult to handle, there are various ways to keep it under control, especially when you work with your healthcare provider to take best care of your condition.

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