Handstand: 5 Steps to Success for Beginners!

A handstand is just one of those things that looks so cool and everyone would like to be able to do. The truth is that when you first attempt it, it proves harder than it looks! Most people give up before taking time to practice it. I know, because I was one of those people! At the beginning of the lockdown, I was determined to make a successful handstand my quarantine project – I did my research and started practicing every day for 15-20 minutes. Want to achieve a handstand and gain the confidence and strength, both in body and mind? Then read on for Handstands: 5 Steps to Success for Beginners!

1. Handstand 101: Bodyweight Training

Improving your upper body and core strength is key. Being confident that your arms can support the weight of your body in a good form is the first step to practice your handstand safely and avoid any injuries. Push-ups, planks and hollow rocks are some of the best exercises to do.

2. Use a Box/Chair

Once you feel confident about your strength, the easiest way to get used to being upside-down is to put your feet on a chair in a pike position and walk your hands in until your back is straight. Once you can hold this for 20 seconds you can try it with your back against a wall and slowly raise one leg at a time to touch the wall.

3. Wall Walks

This exercise never gets easier, no matter how advanced you are. Start in a prone position with your feel against a wall. Extend your arms and start walking your feet up the wall while moving your hands closer to it until your thighs and chest touch the wall, then walk back down. At first you will probably stop halfway through but keep going and you’ll soon be able to walk all the way up!

4. Kick Ups

You can either have your hands placed shoulder-width in front of the wall and kick with one leg up, or you can start from standing in front of a wall and while lowering your hands to the floor kicking the leg to touch the wall. Once you can reach the wall with both feet consistently, aim to hold the position for 20 seconds.

5. Take One Leg off the Wall

Now you’re ready for the big step! Once in a handstand position against the wall, slowly take one foot away and hold it for a few seconds, then switch the legs. This will help your body to balance. Once ready, try to let go with both feet.

There isn’t a fixed set of rules per se when it comes to the handstand but I hope this simple 5-step guide will encourage you to give it a good try. Consistency really is what makes the difference, so listen to your body and don’t give up, be safe, but have fun measuring your progress! Let us know how you get on in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram! Click for more fitness tips and listicles!

Laura Fumagalli

Laura is a fitness enthusiast who dreams of becoming a journalist. She's into reading and writing, as well as CrossFit, horse riding, aerial hoop, silks and yoga. She also likes exercising at home and has recently discovered Pilates, which she really enjoys despite feeling a total mess! She loves keeping herself busy and I never says no to a good workout, especially when followed by a nice tasty meal!

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