Full-Moon Yoga: 5 Ways You Can Benefit from it!

Whenever there is a full moon just around the corner, there is a fluctuation in energy levels and correspondingly, in moods. The harvest season began last month hence the name September Corn moon. The lunar cycle affects our Earth in many ways; tidal forces increase as the moon gets bigger. In fact, some claim to experience a heightened emotional state during the waxing to full moon, I certainly resonate with this. From where arises the myth of werewolves for example? So, what is the significance of the full moon and what can we do to make the most of this fascinating celestial event? Read on for Full-Moon Yoga: 5 Ways You Can Benefit from it!

The full moon is often associated with letting go or something like a metamorphosis. A lot of yoga meditation practises chant the mantra let go, (of old, negative emotional baggage) as it is the first step towards true growth. A particular anecdote comes in mind – a child sees a caterpillar struggling to get out of its cocoon. He wants to rush and help it, but his mother stops him by saying that it is necessary for it to struggle in order to become a fully functioning butterfly. The child ignores his mother’s advice, helps the caterpillar out of the cocoon only to see it attempt to fly, but due to undeveloped wing muscles (which would be created from the struggle within the cocoon) it immediately drops to the ground and dies. Dropping the old for the new is a natural process in life, just like trees shed leaves to make way for a new season and animals like snakes shed their old skin to eliminate parasites and grow. Let’s start to make the most of the moon…

1. Full Moon Yoga Flow

A typical full moon flow incorporates a lot of postures for heart opening and expansion such as the Goddess, moon salutations (Chandra namaskar), half-moon (Ardha chandrasana), dancer’s bridge and camel pose. Practising a full moon yoga flow will energetically release all the tension knots that are holding you back from achieving what you want.

2. Journaling

Take time out for yourself, write down your intentions and feelings in a journal. The full moon brings up emotions that may have been holding you back unconsciously. Since the lunar cycle affects tides on Earth, it is believed to have a similar, yet subtle effect on the waters inside of us (70% of our bodies are made up of water). It explains the intense emotional states experienced by some people. Writing will help release those unexpressed feelings that are sitting in the unconscious mind and prepare you for the next phase in life.

3. Stop & Reflect

Try and turn this period into an introspective mental yoga exercise. Just observe and notice things, don’t rush into making new plans. We tend to be impulsive in our decisionmaking during this time so take a second to sit with your thoughts and reflect. The Buddhists often refer to ‘non-attachment’ as a means of accepting what is and letting go. By letting go, we become receptive to new opportunities and experiences that await us.

4. Sound Bath Meditation

A sound bath meditation is a great way to connect the heart to the lunar energy using the healing properties of sound. Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes, then follow a guided sound bath meditation and you will feel a difference in your energy – you’ll feel a lot calmer and more grounded.

5. Burn a Sky Lantern (not literally!)

Lastly, light candles or incense sticks. In many traditions across the world, burning lanterns mark the beginning of new endeavours. It is a rite of passage, so to speak, that takes you to the new chapter in your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve massive life-changing events, sometimes it can just be liberating oneself from the grip of the past or things that no longer serve you. Illuminate your surroundings and then embark upon a new, inspired beginning. Have courage to dare to make your inner convictions or dreams a reality!

Try these rituals separately or combine them to create your own personal full moon ritual. You may be inspired to get some healing crystals and self-guide a meditation. Bath salts are especially therapeutic, immerse in a warm bath at night before you sleep. If possible, make a full moon playlist with your favourite calming jazz or New Agey music. Hope you are as excited to make the most of the next full moon as I am!

Do you ever feel differently around the full moon? If so, how do you usually handle your emotions? If you have a ritual that you swear by, let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. You can check out more; motivation, mindfulness and mindset articles here!

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