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Christmas is often symbolised as a mystical or at least a magical time of the year for most. Ever wonder why certain things exist, or if there is a ‘bigger purpose’ to your life? Well, it’s normal to think that way, everyone at some time or another asks questions of themselves with potentially far-reaching ramifications. In Astrocise Me we’re going to delve a little into the fascinating art and science of astrology and see if there might at least be any clues in the heavens to help celestially navigate us towards our ideal fitness activities!

So, what is astrology?
Astrology is simply “the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have a supposed influence on events and on the lives and behaviour of people” (as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary). Astrology is not something to simply disregard because your horoscopes in the daily newspaper make little sense to you; there is a far vaster ‘cosmic’ system at work and used rightly it may well lend an extra dimension of knowledge to help understand yourself better.

Zodiac signs
The zodiac begins with Aries and ends with Pisces; Aries’ corresponding physical zone is the head,  whilst Pisces is the feet, so you’ve got a ‘head-to-toe’ system! Have you struggled to find a workout or training routine that you really feel ‘fits’ (no pun intended) you? Before we get into this, the basics are that each sign belongs to one of the ‘elements’ and has a ‘ruling’ planet which powers or energises their main characteristics.

The elements and planets
The elements are fire (passion), water (emotional energy), air (mental energy), and earth (stability). The main planets are Mars (symbolising drive), Venus (beauty), Mercury (communication), Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (control and restriction), Neptune (fantasy and illusion) and Pluto (transformation and transcendence).

Let’s astrocise!
So now, the star sign/element and/planet: Aries/Fire/Mars and the types of physical exercise that best suits.
Aries are the initiators; with drive and energy they thrive on challenges and can be competitive; they simply want to be the best. Ideally suited to competitive sports/athletics, sprinting, military based training and boot camps; fast and intense, they are ‘warriors’!

Aries Kelly Holmes double gold!

Taurus/Earth/Venus: Taurus is stubborn, patient and practical, with a love of beauty and what looks and feels good. Ideally suited to any physique enhancing training, kettle bells and outdoor boot camps, dancing, weight lifting, and wrestling; ‘slow and steady’ wins the race!

Gemini/Air/Mercury: Gemini is the ‘social butterfly’, they tend to have a low boredom threshold and thrive on change. Ideally suited to interval training, group fitness classes, tennis, and personal training; they can also make great gymnasts; they can be ‘bendy’ and agile, variety is important to their fitness success!

Cancer/Water/Moon: Cancer is the protector and nurturer, the comfort seeker; they are motivated by feelings and ruled by their emotions. Try group cycle classes, short distance running such as 5K, swimming and water based workouts; they need to come out of their ‘shell’. If they can’t find something they like they’ll buy a home workout DVD!

Cancerian Zidane on the ball!

Leo/Fire/Sun: Leo loves the limelight and attention. A sense of pride and achievement is at the core of what they do. Ideally suited to anything that puts them centre stage a little! Performance based dancing; body building, strength training, and crossfit or small team/group workouts work well. Leos love to shine!

Virgo/Earth/Mercury: Virgo is very much grounded but can also get quite nervous beneath the surface. A strong sense of purpose underlies all they do; they ‘over analyse’ and are very logical! Ideally suited to yoga and tai chi to clear their mind, Pilates, walking, and TRX; their focus is more functional.

Libra/Air/Venus: Librans typically love balance and beauty. Relating and connecting is of prime importance, once they find something they love, they will normally stick with it. Ideally suited to dancing, ballet, martial arts and yoga, Piloxing, and suspension type activities because they are keen on the ‘intellectual’ kind of workouts that also extend their natural graceful movements and coordination.

Scorpio/Water/Pluto: Scorpio is intense with a sharp focus and clear-cut approach. Full of drive, they do not give up and work hard! They are suited to boxing, martial arts, MMA or training that requires serious focus and depth. Endurance-based athletics and competitive swimming work well as does anything competitive! They have a ‘head on’ strategy, and you should never underestimate them. Watch out for their beastly power mode which can be overwhelming.

Sagittarius/Fire/Jupiter: Sagittarius is the philosopher and teacher with an urge to keep learning. Whatever they do needs to be based on a bigger purpose and continued growth. Middle distance running, horse riding, rock climbing, crossfit and exercise retreats are well suited because they love to travel! The sign of the ‘archer’, they always focus ahead!

Philosophical powerhouse and king of kung fu, Bruce Lee!

Capricorn/Earth/Saturn: Capricorn like discipline and routine. Very dependable, they work hard and aren’t afraid of the tough stuff! Best suited to ‘precision’ and endurance training such as, triathlon, cycling, and long distance running, advanced or ‘power’ yoga, ballet, and tough mudder; they need measured progress!

Capricorn Ali the Greatest!

Aquarius/Air/Uranus: Aquarians love things that are ‘different’ and find inspiration in unlikely places and people. Try circuit training, team based sports such as basketball/netball, online or home workouts that can be done independently, and anything unusual such as AcroYoga and anti-gravity based workouts. They like gadgets so they’ll grab onto any new bit of ‘fit kit’, such as the latest activity tracker.

Pisces/Water/Neptune: Pisces are intuitive and sensitive, with ‘hidden’ strength’! They are very adaptable and as the 12th sign, can encompass characteristics from any of the above! Dance based classes, activities that help keep them ‘grounded’ like PIYO and bodyweight exercises; fusion based workouts fulfil their ability to adapt; their needs to be an emotional/spiritual/mental ‘connection’ to what they do and they need music as they literally feed off the energy, rhythms and vibrations!

So there you have it, The Hitchhiker’s (OK, well maybe not quite, but sounded good) Guide to Astrocising! Do you recognise yourself and which sporting activities might suit you best? Why not try this quick quiz that may help further. You might also find that if there’s another more dominant sign in your birth chart that it increases that sign’s influence on you and what you may enjoy doing. You might also find this interesting: 

Have you ever wondered as to why people get counselling, coaching, therapy, or what the difference is between a therapist and psychologist? Then you might find this worthy of your attention. And for those interested in a deeper study of the more cosmic science, you should read the book that Steve Jobs of Apple Inc gave as a farewell gift to those that attended his memorial service. Seasons’ Greetings and Happy ‘Astrocising’! 

Christine Evangelou

Christine is a Level 3 qualified fitness trainer and her main passion is motivating and teaching people. She believes in helping people be the best they can be by encouragement and support. She loves body weight and conditioning exercises, dance for fitness, and running. She's also into Yoga, the more 'zen' side of fitness. She's followed gluten free and vegetarian diets and feels that food, like exercise, should be fun and make you feel good!

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