Formula One: What Can it Teach us about Fitness?

To say that I was excited about the weekend just gone would be an understatement. Formula One is back for the first time in 7 months, with the season having opened in Austria. As the pinnacle of motorsport, Grand Prix racing is at the forefront of what is humanly and technically possible. In celebration of F1’s return, Formula One’s culture can teach us to be better when it comes to fitness, the gym, the living room or in whatever arena of competition you find yourself in. Read on for Formula One: What Can it Teach us about Fitness? 

0.15 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time. There’s not very much that you can do in this short amount of time other than breathing and blinking. When you’re going at top speed, your perception of time needs recalibrating. 0.15 seconds is the increase in time over one lap if either the car or driver weighs an extra kilogram. Still doesn’t sound like a lot? Consider the difference after 70 laps, about 10.5 seconds – that’s the difference between winning and fifth place. Now, 0.15 seconds sounds a lot doesn’t it?

Formula One teams and drivers are always looking for ways to improve. They live on the edge of possibility, so rest assured, all significant, measurable changes have been made. Teams are continually looking for incremental gains that together add up to success come race day.

 F1 Champion Nico Rosberg talks about marginal gains to former table tennis player and highly esteemed author, Matthew Syed.

So what does this all mean for us mere mortals just trying to keep fit? Well Formula One teaches us that if you’re working out regularly, you are already doing well, but improvement comes in small steps.

For instance, what if you are brilliant at 5km runs yet 10km seems that bit too far. Rather than jumping straight in the deep end, increase your distance by 500 meters each session until you reach your goal of 10 km. By taking these small steps, you will look back and realise that the more considerable challenges in life aren’t so hard. Just break them down!

Finding a new level of performance is not just about working longer or faster. F1 encourages you to try working smarter. Whether it is adding music to workouts, eating the right foods or installing a good sleep routine, making small changes can result in massive overall gains. This is not a behaviour, but a mentality in top level sports like F1. What are your views on the subject of motorsports and physical/mental fitness? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram! Be sure to check out other Keep Fit Kingdom articles to understand what easy changes you can make to be at your sustainable best.

Adam Williams

Whether Adam is participating in, watching, or talking about sport, it is always a huge source of motivation. He is interested in the incremental changes that we can make as humans to leverage a big difference in our day-to-day lives. He loves running, walking, football, tennis, rugby - the list goes on! He is also driven to inspire people of all abilities and stages to get active. His motto is: We are all dealt a set of cards in life. Let’s play them well!

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