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As summer begins to approach and the strong rays of the sun start to pierce through the ecru coloured clouds and clear blue sky, the body temperature increases gradually and the mouth of each person commences drying by the day due to the new warmth of the weather. One of the outcomes is an overwhelming desire to take on more fluid; although water will always be the better option to help quench that everlasting thirst, sometimes to improve palatability, people require flavour to switch up the taste so please let me now introduce ‘Chosan’ to the stage!

The name ‘Chosan’ comes from the language ‘Wollof’ which is one of the main languages of Gambia and Senegal in Africa and it translates as ‘cultural heritage’ which shows the company wanted to introduce the world to their relatives natural recipes, strong roots and keep the tradition alive; I believe they have done just that.

This tasty, refreshing and exotic hibiscus (find out more about hibiscus) drink inspired by African tradition could be the alternative healthy answer to quenching your thirst on those warm, summer nights or help keep you hydrated during a strenuous work day. The very pleasant fact about these drinks is that they are purely natural, organic and contain no artificial additives, colourings or preservatives which also make these a smart choice when purchasing a delicious liquid alternative to water after a challenging workout. So what is one of the secret ingredients? The answer is Hibiscus flower! Hibiscus fortunately has some very positive benefits indeed: it has the properties to help reduce inflammation within the body, prevent heart and nerve diseases and also promotes a smooth-operating, healthy digestive system which can decrease the chances of an upset stomach; these are only a few benefits!

Nowadays, it can sometimes be difficult to discover a fruity drink that is not loaded with E numbers which can interfere with our brain chemistry. However, this truly unique drink is made with some of the best hibiscus to boost immunity and vitality plus for every drink sold, 5p goes to African food producers to enhance their quality of life as they truly care about the people they are working with.

However, although 100% organic, some of the content derives from organic sugar, so please be aware not to consume in large quantities unless you have just finished some high intensity physical activity which could actually prove beneficial for recovery.

Ingredients: There are only 3 main ingredients (1 extra for the flavoured versions) and they are:
Water, organic sugar and hibiscus extract (2-2.5%). For the bottles with a hint of flavour, there would be 0.5% organic extract for the Mellow Ginger version and 0.2% organic Moroccan mint extract for the Refreshing Mint version.

Nutrition: Each bottle contains 330ml of glorious hibiscus fluid, some with an extra touch of flavour to help activate the taste buds. On average, each bottle contains roughly only 70-75. Within each bottle, per 100ml, there are 5.6g carbs, 0.3g protein and 0.1g fat; this equates to 18.6g carbs from natural sources, 1g protein and 0.3g fat. This makes a great option for post workout; quick to digest, hydrate and energise those depleted muscles.

In terms of Hibiscus itself, other benefits include a high dose of Vitamin C to prevent muscle soreness and absorb iron, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) which helps to convert food into energy for the body to use, plenty of essential fats such as omega 3 and 6 that helps absorb Vitamins A, D, E and K and plenty of heart healthy flavonoids such as glycosides for example which prevent our cells from being damaged; these flavonoids give the hibiscus drink it’s magenta/burgundy type colour.

Bottle design: I have to say that even from a slight distance, each bottle was captivating, fun and it was easy to differentiate each flavour based on the colour; examples include bright green for mint and light golden orange fort ginger. On the actual bottle, there is a cool design of a big African tree and food producers below gathering fruit which tells a story without words and makes the advertising very authentic and therefore appealing.

Smell and Taste:

Pure Hibiscus
As Hibiscus is a botanical flower, I am sure that you can imagine what this luscious liquid may taste like. As I raised the bottle to drink, the smell was light and flowery (similar to that of when you take the dry washing off the line) but I would describe the taste as delicate and subtle; with a comparison to that of either rhubarb or cranberry in particular due to the tartness.

Hibiscus with Mellow Ginger
When it comes to ginger, I admit that I can always be a little bit biased as ginger is one of my all-time favourite flavours that the world has to offer in my opinion regardless of the extra health benefits; aiding digestion, anti-inflammatory etc. In drink form I appreciate the zing, the strength and impact it has; leaving a tingle on my tonsils. With the Chosan version, I felt the ginger was light and not overpowering but would be a great introduction for someone who is new to ginger based drinks; highly recommended.

Hibiscus with Refreshing Mint
As the pure hibiscus drink reminded me of running through warm, summer meadows as a child, I thought the hibiscus would dominate the other flavours but as the name suggests, mint certainly was refreshing and rivalled that of the smell and taste of peppermint tea which is always soothing to both the soul and stomach.

Value: For the 330ml bottle in any flavour, the average price is £1.99 which is slightly higher than most brands but with the added hibiscus and the funky, colourful design plus an extra 5p going to local food producers, it is much better than paying a little less for a product that is saturated with other chemicals with no benefit in terms of both nutrition or its producers. You can also purchase 5 in a box for £10 which equates to £2 each.

Summary: Overall, it has a very pleasant taste, helps the community and comes with some nutritional positives so when looking to purchase a new, tasty rehydration drink, this is certainly worth trying.

For more information and to order, visit their colourful site or alternatively, contact them via email: and the friendly team will be more than happy to assist.  For an extra splash of colour, check out their Instagram page too!

Benjamin Ensall

Benjamin is an advocate of the health and wellbeing lifestyle and the positive impact it can make on people’s lives. He has national and international experience as a Senior Personal Trainer, Food Psychology Behaviour Coach and Healthcare Technician and strives to make a difference. He helps facilitate the realisation of one's potential to achieve a happier and healthier life.

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