Athletes Guide: 5 Tips for Becoming a Better Runner

Running is a great way to keep your body healthy and trim. Check out these tips for becoming a better runner as you search out ways to boost your stamina! Plenty of people love running. Jogging keeps your body in shape and is a great stress reliever. However, no runner starts as an expert that’s ready to participate in a marathon. Building your stamina takes time and patience. Comfortably improve your endurance with the following hacks in Athletes Guide: 5 Tips for Becoming a Better Runner!

1. Keep Your Body Prepared

Warm-up exercises are essential to every activity under the athletic umbrella. This is because it gives your muscles and heart time to adjust to physical activity. By jumping into a sprint or long-distance run without giving your body time to warm up, you’re more likely to pull a muscle or experience other setbacks.

Similarly, you should also do several minutes’ of cool-down exercises so that your body can begin recovering. Remember to gradually slow your pace and stretch after running to lessen sensations of soreness.

2. Visit an Expert

When in doubt, make an appointment to see a sports medicine doctor. These professionals can evaluate how you prepare for a run and the way you recover. If you experience frequent injuries, like shin splints, or feel fatigued early into your exercise routine, they can provide some tips to avoid this.

3. Nourish Your Body

Make sure you drink enough water and eat the right foods before and after a run. Since this is a heavy-duty cardio workout, most recommend fueling your body with healthy carbs, such as fruit, nutrition shakes, or wholegrain bread. This is because your body quickly breaks down carbohydrates, which means you’ll have the necessary energy to maintain a solid, healthy run.

In addition to eating the right foods, you need to ensure you’re hydrated and keep your electrolytes balanced. If you start to feel dizzy or uneasy, it’s time to take a break to replenish your body with recuperative energy.

4. Keep Runs Interesting

Another tip for becoming a better runner that many exercise enthusiasts recommend is to keep it enjoyable. When the weather’s nice, get outside and jog along a nature trail. You should also consider investing in a treadmill so you can run in rain or shine. If you’re on the treadmill, give interval running a try by alternating speeds and inclines.

5. Listen to Your Body

Some days, your run will be easier than others. While a 7-minute mile may feel like a breeze one day, a week later, you may struggle to jog a mile in 12 minutes. Fluctuations in time and distance are perfectly fine; the most important thing is listening to your body.

Don’t push yourself if your muscles start feeling strained or you struggle to catch your breath. Running is a great way to stay healthy, but it becomes counterproductive if you don’t listen to your body.

If jogging is on your daily schedule, but you’re not in the mood to do so, then take the day off. Running isn’t about a race; it’s about feeling free and enjoying your time, and appreciating your health, energy and body! What are your thoughts on the subject of running tips? Let us know below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Juha Pentinpuro

Juha is a gym enthusiast with Finnish roots and a strong interest in fitness and health related subjects. He's also keen on motorsports, tennis, cycling and beach volleyball in the summer months. He's particularly interested in bodybuilding and the nutrition that makes that possible. He believes that a healthy lifestyle is key to happiness.

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