Top 3 Vegan Problems Solved!

So you have an interest in going vegan. Firstly, on behalf of every animal, thank you (clearly Snapchat filters are succeeding in making me believe I am an animal too)! But now you’re thinking…so where on this beautiful planet Earth do I start?  Having begun my vegan journey in September last year, I’ve some simple tips to help you overcome those initial obstacles on your path to plant-based bliss. Read on for these Top 3 Vegan Problems Solved!

1. What kind of vegan are you?
The vegan identity crisis is real guys. Are you a raw vegan, oil free, high carb, low fat?  To this I say (in the famous falsetto of British singer-songwriter, Mika) relax, take it easy.The beauty of veganism is exploring a whole new way of life; trying out new recipes and ways of cooking.  Find out what makes you feel amazing.  The key lesson is to listen to your body. YouTube is an entertaining source to learn more about how to thrive on a plant based diet. The ‘What I ate in a day’ videos are great for gaining inspiration for recipes, but remember, don’t pay attention to the portion sizes, this is your own journey, so eat as much as you need to fuel your own body.

2. So just how should you stock your kitchen?
The shopping list can become a looming brick wall of dread when you first turn vegan. But just like vegan Miley Cyrus on her wrecking ball, you can bulldoze down that wall with these tips:

Firstly, keep things simple. For example, my favorite lunch is couscous, cucumber, tomatoes, dates and of course mint and lime (never has there been a happier marriage). It’s simply quick and delicious!

Secondly, it’s all about the condiments. You can make a heavenly sauce for vegetable rice noodles using curry powder, soy sauce, peanut butter, maple syrup and lemon, all simple ingredients with endless uses.

Thirdly, watch the ‘What’s in my vegan cupboard’ videos on YouTube. These are great for inspiration and discovering new food items.

3. What about eating out?
You may worry how your social life might be affected in terms of eating out, but don’t stress.  Downloading the Happy Cow App is an absolute must. It shows you all the vegan/vegetarian option restaurants in the area.

Also check out Instagram -seriously, all Londoners should follow Vegans of London. If it wasn’t for this page, I’d never have had the life-altering experience of devouring the celeriac and parsnip sausages with creamy mash at Normans Coach and Horses pub!

OK, so picture the scene, you’re on a first date at a ‘not so vegan friendly’ restaurant.  Kindly ask the waiter to make the necessary alterations to a dish. If your date looks at you like ‘Wow, high maintenance!’ then check out -he or she is clearly not worth your time so strut right on out of that restaurant.

Basically, to round off, just own your own order! You needn’t make excuses for your lifestyle so long as it doesn’t impinge negatively on anyone else’s! Do your part to perhaps educate others if they’re open to it. You might be thinking, now’s the perfect time to call up your App developer friend and set to work on a Vegan Tinder! and incidentally, would you join? 

Sasha Hick

Sasha is a student at the London College of Fashion and is particularly interested in ethical and environmental brands. She believes compassion is the most important value in humanity and enjoys living a vegan lifestyle. Being a major foodie, you will find her trying out new vegan hotspots around London in search of plant based goodness. Her exercise regime includes kitchen dance parties and hula hooping in front of the TV whilst watching Hugh Grant movies!

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