5 Top Fasting Aids!

Fasting has been quite a controversial subject over the past few years but it seems more and more people are recognising the positive effects it can have on the body. We live in a world that is constantly eating and so our guts are having to work harder than ever. In 5 Top Fasting Aids, we look at edible items that give your body a cleanse, detox and a boost into the bargain enabling you to use valuable energy to focus on other things!

Fasting is already incorporated into the modern world’s daily routine as we fast when we sleep -unless you’re a cheeky midnight snacker. Sleep is the time when the body regenerates and it can do this because we are still and not giving our bodies any extra demands in addition to what it’s already doing.  Now let’s look at ways to safely incorporate fasting into your routine lifestyle, whether intermittent or a full day.

1. Intermittent fasting

A daily practice whereby you only consume food within an 8 hour window, i.e. You break your fast at 12pm and make your last meal 8pm, you can change your timing to suit your routine. By only eating within an 8 hour window it gives your body 16 hours to digest and then rest. Of course your last meal will take between 6-8 hours to fully digest but that still allows a minimum of 8 hours for your gut to relax and therefore your energy can be directed in other ways.

2. Full-day fasting

On a day of your choosing, make the conscious decision not to eat for the entire day. The body enters into a fasted state around 8 hours after your last meal; first it will access the stored glucose (glycogen) in the liver for energy and after that runs out, it turns to fuel from stored fat.

As well as giving your gut a break from the constant work of digesting you can also aiding your fast with some ‘natural’ medicine:

1. Probiotics

Fermented foods that contain beneficial “friendly” bacteria. The popular ones at the moment are kefir and kombucha.

2. Coconut water

This is a true elixir of life as its electrolyte profile is similar to human blood, which makes it ideal for replacing fluids and removing toxins.

3. Ground flaxseed

This absorbs the water in your gut and cleanses the colon and intestinal tract as it passes through. Take a heaped teaspoon with about 100ml of kefir before breakfast and bed for a deep, thorough cleansing!

4. Herbal teas

Pick your favourite teas and enjoy their soothing and natural remedy combinations.

5. Water

We should all be in the habit of drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day and this is a non-negotiable if you fast!

All of these are great additions to your diet even if you choose not to fast. Just remember that your body is an incredible machine but like all machines, they do start to wear out prematurely if you’re not selective about what you put into it. Let’s start working with our bodies and give them some needed care and attention!

Harriet Roberts

Harriet has always been strongly invested in her health and became a vegetarian when she was 17. Well versed in food and nutrition she also has a background in dance and gymnastics and naturally maintains an active lifestyle. Taking a holistic view on health she now practices yoga and veganism. Her current mantra is: to be present in every moment and let life flow wherever it takes her!

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  1. Love these tips! I’ve used a few Fastwell products, their Curb shake has ground flaxseed in it, too!

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