5 Top Uses for Coconut Oil!

Wondering what all the fuss over coconut oil is about? Health gurus have advocated it as a multi-use product with excellent health benefits and it appears that they’re right. Here at Keep Fit Kingdom, we’ve narrowed down our 5 Top Uses for Coconut Oil so you’ll find out why it’s a fantastic super-product as we explain just how useful it really is!

1. In baking

Not only is coconut oil a great replacement for eggs and dairy products, but its impressive health benefits mean it’s a no brainer when it comes to using coconut oil in your baking. Coconut oil contains 50 percent Lauric acid, something found in breast milk that kills harmful bacteria and boosts your immune system into the bargain. In fact, coconut oil has the next greatest percentage of Lauric acid after breast milk of any food, making your baking not only delicious but a fantastic way to beat the common cold this winter

2. As butter replacement

Coconut oil is also a fantastic replacement for butter and other oils. In the frying pan it’s a great sautéing option, as it has a much higher burning point than other oils. You can also spread coconut oil on your toast as its great tasting, whilst offering cholesterol-improving qualities that help high blood pressure and its related conditions.

3. In your coffee

Far gone are we from being afraid of saturated fats, now we are embracing them in their healthy sources and for good reason too. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest saturated fat sources and a teaspoon of it with your coffee in a blender, provides a tasty, frothy cup of morning coffee. More importantly, it helps boost your metabolism, reduce hunger and give you an increase in energy, a perfect way to start your day.

4. As moisturizer

Want to combat dry skin when exercising outside in winter? Coconut oil is the answer. Coconut oil has great healing and moisturizing properties and mixing a teaspoon of coconut oil into your normal daily moisturizing routine is sure to keep your skin soft in the winter. Its great to use on chapped lips and, mixed with sea salt, as a great body scrub too. It even has uses in the warmer months, where coconut oil’s natural SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 4 means it can be used as a natural sunscreen for those of us who live in the cooler summer climates.

5. To clean your teeth

Forget mouthwash, coconut oil is an effective, natural, and inexpensive way to remove bacteria from your mouth. The proper term for it is oil pulling, and it works where the oil pulls the dirt from your teeth as you swill it around your mouth for 10-20 minutes. It has remarkable effects on oral health and many people (myself included) use it as a natural teeth whitener, as it removes stains like tea and coffee from your teeth.

Well there you have it, coconut oil has so many benefits and if you include it in your daily life as part of your health routine with these top tips you can benefit from them too!

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