5 Super Seeds You Should Consume!

Not a fan of supplements? Prefer to get your nutritional needs from Mother Nature? What better foods to turn to than super seeds? Read on for 5 Super Seeds You Should Consume! These are seeds with amazing health benefits that can be easily incorporated into your daily diet.

1) Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are a vegan’s dream come true. Packed with protein, omega oils and fibre, this seed is the complete all rounder that must be included in your diet. It can be eaten easily with yoghurt and can be mixed in with smoothies too. They’re easier to eat when they’re de-shelled and are also the perfect vegan protein powder as it contains all the amino acids necessary for rebuilding you after a tough workout.

2) Chia seeds

‘Chia’ originated from the Mayan language and stands for ‘strength’. It was originally eaten by the Mayans specifically for that reason. Even though it’s high in protein it shouldn’t simply be dismissed as an alternative to protein powders. It also contains healthy omega fats and plenty of fibre too. Add it to any yoghurt or smoothie of your choice but be careful as it tends to thicken any liquid it comes in contact with. If you’re ever short on pre or post workout fuel then chia seeds mixed with juice is a great choice ¬†for a power-packed workout.

3) Flax seeds

If you’re ever having bowel trouble then flax seeds might be your best bet to fixing it. This seed is one of the best in terms of fibre content, so much so that it helps control cholesterol and high blood pressure. The average person is almost always lacking in fibre due to today’s modern diet and so an introduction of flax seeds into the diet will help combat this. Unlike the above seeds, it may not be as pleasant in yoghurt and is better off in baked goods or smoothies. It should be eaten grounded for maximum absorption.

4) Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds can of course be enjoyed any time of the year but probably the best time to introduce them into your diet would be during the winter months. This is because they’re a great immune booster due to their zinc content. Like the other seeds it also has a healthy amount of omegas but unlike the others it can help diabetic people with maintaining safe sugar levels.

5) Sesame seeds

Found plentiful in Asian cuisine, sesame seeds are not only a great source of protein but are also packed with a good mix of vitamins and minerals. The vitamin B complex it contains in particular, can be found in abundance which can help with anything from relaxing anxiety to improving memory. Perhaps best of all, this seed can also be put into baked goods so feel free to treat yourself while optimising your health.

So there you have it, the top five super seeds to include in your diet. It’s important to have a mix of all the above rather than choosing one and staying stuck on it! Variety is of course key in any healthy diet.

Marwan Harraz

Marwan is a Creative Writing and Journalism graduate who enjoys the healthy side of life. From football and weight lifting to smoothies and meal preps, he's passionate about fitness and wishes to share his knowledge and experience with the world. 'Work hard, play hard' is his motto and he relishes the mind-body connection edge that helps with goal achievement. Mental health is just as important to him as physical health!

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