Working Out: Gym vs Home and The Pros & Cons of Each!

So, you have decided you should be working out, which is excellent. The next decision you have to make is, do you prefer working out from home or would you like to join a gym? This decision is important as making the wrong one would either mean you spending a lot on membership fees and not utilizing it enough, or you end up setting up a home gym you hardly use. Well, if you are in this kind of dilemma, we are here to help you find the right option for you in Working Out: Gym vs Home and The Pros & Cons of Each!

Pros of Joining a Gym

1. Equipment & Amenities

Without a doubt, the variety of equipment you find in a gym is much greater than what you can afford at home. This means you have more scope to really work every muscle of your body with the help of multiple pieces of equipment and become fitter. Additionally, many gyms offer a spa, steam room, swimming pool, and other amenities you can enjoy.

2. Additional Focus

When you are away in a gym, you will not be bothered by the endless chores at home, so you can solely focus on working out. More focus means faster and better fitness results.

There are no distractions in a gym. Examples include children and pets trying to catch your attention and play with you. Gaining faster results, you can quickly improve your overall health and make the most of your membership fee. Once you get home, you can devote your full attention to your family without having to worry about completing a home workout routine.

3. Motivation

When you are in a gym around other fit people, you will be automatically motivated to be more serious about your workout. Also, you have paid a membership fee which will further remind you not to miss regular gym sessions, and get the most value out of the money you’ve spent.

Cons of Joining a Gym

1. Can get Costly

Joining a gym comes at a price, and sometimes it can be quite high. You need to ensure you can afford a gym before you even consider it as a workout option. Visit your local gyms and get the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly rates. If you are really motivated and have decided to work out in a gym, paying yearly membership fees will probably be more economical for you. Look out for deals, especially in the new year, you know, ‘the resolutions’ and all that!

2. Travel Hassle

The thing about going to a gym is that you probably need to travel to get there. Not everyone has their local gym literally on their doorstep! Hence, you might need to spend additional time traveling to the gym.

3. Over-Crowded

The gym may be overcrowded at peak times, and you may have to wait for the machines. Also, sweaty gymgoers using the same benches etc can be unhygienic. Check online for the busiest time periods so you can plan to use your gym when it’s less busy and crowded.

Pros of Working Out at Home

1. Convenience

When you have a gym at home, you need not drive anywhere to work out. This will give you more time as you do not have to pack gym bags, etc. It also offers you the flexibility to work out whenever you are free or feel like!

Supplementing your gym exercises with home workouts during busy days is a good idea. You can invest in home gym equipment to avoid missing your training day and still attain your fitness and health goals.

Having home gym equipment makes workouts convenient because you can perform different exercises with privacy and freedom. Check out this article to learn about women’s must-have home gym equipment.

2. Online Classes

With digital technology, people can use mobile devices and desktop computers to exercise through online fitness tutorials. Fitness gurus share their tips on social media, and people can watch the videos for free. Many fitness experts also offer affordable online fitness training, like Zumba classes.

Online fitness classes from home, such as Les Mills On Demand, are also a great way to work out from your own home without visiting a gym.

3. Less Expensive

If you do not have a large budget, you can just buy and use a few dumbbells, a yoga mat, and a few resistance bands to work out from home with. Investing in large pieces of equipment at home is unnecessary, you can always find cheap or free ways to workout at home.

4. Variety

When you work out in a gym, there are a set number of machines you will use every day. On the other hand, when you work out from home, you can choose any exercise based on your mood. Do yoga, aerobics, Zumba, or use resistance bands to do strength training. You can personalize your own workout.

Cons of Working Out at Home

1. Space Constraints

You need a lot of space at home to set up a home gym. If you do not have that space, stick to working out using bands, dumbbells, and mat workouts.

You can incorporate stretching exercises, aerobics, and resistance and strength training. Furthermore, you can try innovative training ideas, such as exercising in your garden (like yoga or Pilates), garage, or driveway.

2. Boredom

You will find many people use the gym, leveraging the ambiance which is perfect for workouts. At home, you need to create that ambiance or you will get bored very soon!

3. Easy to Make Excuses & Procrastinate

It is easy to make excuses at home when you have so many chores or other things to finish. It can distract you. Set aside a fixed workout time and stick to it, regardless! Get back to all those hundred other things after you’re done working out.

Joining a gym or working out from home is your personal preference based on the time you can give and your budget. Working out from home can do wonders for your health if you are a self-motivated person and will exercise no matter what. However, if you easily get distracted at home and find yourself eager to find excuses not to work out, joining a gym will keep you disciplined and help you achieve your fitness goals much faster!

Have you wrestled with the home vs. gym dilemma? What works better for you, and why? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

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