Why You Should Set Your Vaping Temperature with Care

We know there are countless people trying to quit the harmful habit of smoking traditional nicotine-containing cigarettes. The practise of ‘vaping’ without having to deal with the harmful elements of nicotine and tar is of course a much better alternative as E-cigs are 95% less harmful than tobacco. That said, ‘vaping’ is continuing to gain a lot of attention around the world, as is the knowledge of everything associated with it. For all you vapers out there, who may vape at regular intervals using e-juices or herbs – did you know it’s important to set a preferred temperature for each of these to derive the maximum taste? If you do happen to vape, read on for Why You Should Set Your Vaping Temperature with Care.

To start with, the best temperature for an e-juice can be 390F (199C) to 450F (232C) with 300F (149C) being the best to start with. For herbs, the ideal temperature may range from between 185F (85C) to 395F (202 C). It’s important to understand the need of vaping within these heat limits to prevent an unpleasant vape experience. If you heat the e-cigarettes or vaping pods beyond the desired temperature for the type, it may result in an uncomfortable (and undesirable) vaping experience. Here are some of the reasons why you should be aware of vaping temperature:

Reasons to be particular about your vaping temperature

When you’re regularly vaping, it’s best to know the optimum vaping temperature suited for your vaping device. If you ensure a properly regulated temperature, you won’t for example, have to worry about your coils getting burnt or you being affected by that. There are many such reasons to regulate a proper degree of vaping heat, but the most practically relevant are given below.

No dry hits

The main reason why controlling the temperature becomes important is to avoid the ‘dry hit’. When you don’t set up a proper temperature, you end up finishing the liquid or herbs quickly, which leads to a weird dry hit when puffing. This can actually be quite irritating, along with causing a scratchy-throat sensation and strange smell while you vape. Even if you set a lower than average temperature, you may actually not feel like vaping at all.

The best temperature for an e-liquid from a UK-based store such as Lontech, (which provides exclusively for vaping needs at reasonable rates) should be around 350-400F (177C – 204C). Any lower than that, and you may not feel any pleasure from vaping. Higher than that, and the liquid will tend to finish faster creating those dry hits.

Prevents coil from burning

Another major reason to go for temperature control is to prevent your coil from burning prematurely. Often when the temperature isn’t set at the optimum level, and perhaps inadvertently increases to a high level, it burns out the coil which means you’ll need to buy a replacement. Therefore, it’s better to go for a temperature control option as it doesn’t load the coils too much and you can get decent flavoured puffs even at medium temperature.


Having a consistent vaping experience is possible if your temperature is under control. You just set a regular temperature for your vaping session and that’s it. The same dose gives you the right amount of vapour everytime and doesn’t load the coil too much. This leads to a more consistent vaping experience that most people prefer and enjoy.

Conserves ingredients

If you set up an optimum temperature that’s moderate, you prevent your herbs, e-liquids or weed etc from getting vaporized too quickly thus conserving them. Make them work longer for your money. You can now enjoy your juices and herbs for extended durations and you won’t need to visit an e-cig store too often.

Better for health

Vaping is better than smoking, but if you exceed the temperature, you could end up coughing frequently, getting a regularly scratchy throat as well as some other respiratory system issues. Therefore, an average pace and temperature is the better option.

Better taste

A vapour that’s heated within recommended temperature parameters also tastes better. A regulated temperature maintains the subtlety of flavour thereby reaching that ‘sweet spot’ providing just the right amount of refreshment for you. While overheated vapours can be weird tasting, under heated fumes seem to have little or no effect and certainly won’t provide the desired vaping experience you’re after.

To effectively vape follows a simple process. If there’s any mishandling or an unstable temperature, it may lead to quite an undesirable experience. Therefore, always be aware of and regulate the temperature control to avoid the issues mentioned above.

Have you been a long-term smoker before – what’s your story? If you’re vaping, how has it helped you the most, what were your personal reasons for making the switch to E-cigs and would you ever go back to cigarettes? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation and follow us on FacebookTwitter Instagram. Of course if you can switch out your addiction entirely, more power to you! Check out these articles for some inspiration, hope and encouragement.

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