Understanding How Ultrasound Therapy Improves Back Pain

Chiropractors often incorporate different therapies into their patients’ treatment plans. One of these treatments includes ultrasound therapy. When you go to a chiropractor’s office, you can expect to receive different kinds of therapy beyond the chiropractic adjustments themselves. These may include ultrasound therapy or electrical stimulation.

These can sound confusing and maybe even anxiety-inducing, but you don’t need to fear them—both contribute to how chiropractic care speeds up your recovery. Let’s dive deeper into how ultrasound therapy, specifically, improves back pain so that if these benefits interest you, you can consult with a local chiropractor today. Meantime, follow on for Understanding How Ultrasound Therapy Improves Back Pain!

Increased Blood Flow

In ultrasound therapy, sound waves bring more blood flow to a specific area. When the chiropractor performs the therapy correctly, the increased oxygen and nutrients (such as glucose) that come with the extra blood flow can repair problems within the back.

Reduced Inflammation

The increased blood flow from the sound waves can also reduce overall inflammation in the back. This is why many chiropractors use ultrasound therapy before giving an adjustment. If there’s too much inflammation, the back may not adjust very easily. However, with reduced inflammation, the spine will be more flexible. You’ll leave your appointment feeling more relaxed due to the reduced inflammation.

Overall Pain Management

Ultrasound therapy is a key component to improving back pain through reduced inflammation, increased blood flow, and easier adjustments. The beauty of this therapy, though, is that it can help with pain management in more areas than just the back. For example, the neck and shoulder areas and extremities on the body can also benefit from this treatment.

Thanks to the ways ultrasound therapy can improve back pain through sound waves, many chiropractors often use it alongside the typical adjustments. Enjoy the benefits of increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, and overall pain management at your local chiropractor’s office. Ask your practitioner for their professional advice on whether ultrasound therapy might be right for you.

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