Top 5 Health Benefits of Microgreens!

Microgreens are seedlings of vegetables and herbs that have been harvested less than 14 days after they germinate. This means they are usually very small and come in a whole array of colours and tastes. These qualities have meant that they have become popular with chefs as garnishes. Given how varied microgreens are, there are a number of advantages each individual type may have so this article will focus on the most potent of them. Let’s get into the Top 5 Health Benefits of Microgreens!

1. Nutrient dense
Microgreens, for their size, have a lot of nutrients packed in. In fact they often contain a larger amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than in their fully-grown counterparts. That means adding just a handful of these to any salad or sandwich will really raise your meal’s nutrient profile.

2. Low in calories
Thanks to their diminutive dimensions, microgreens are low in calories. Coupled with their nutrient density, microgreens are an effective way to ensure you get all the elements you need while being negligible in the calorie department.

3. Helps fight heart disease
Microgreens contain polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. Animals fed a high-fat diet supplemented with red cabbage microgreens, were shown to have a lower amount of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in the blood along with lowered triglyceride levels.

4. Helps delay Alzheimer’s risk
Foods rich in antioxidants, may be linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Polyphenols have great potential in slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s by actually reversing the cognitive decline effects of the disease.

5. Useful in diabetes
Fenugreek microgreens have been shown in studies to increase the amount of glucose uptake by 25%. This is of use because blood glucose levels in diabetics can be helped by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for regulating carbohydrate metabolism and improving the amount of glucose absorbed by cells. The characteristics of fenugreek appear to be helpful in treating or combating diabetes.

Want to know how to easily incorporate microgreens into your diet, how about growing them yourself? It’s really easy; the video above gives you a guide to the whole process. Let us know what eating microgreens has done for you by commenting below, joining in the conversation on Facebook and following us on Twitter and Instagram. (Check out these other Top 5’s to help you get and Keep YOUR Fit ON!) 

Cameron Huck

Cameron is a huge fan of all things food and exercise. Currently studying International Hospitality Management at Bournemouth University he has also been part of the university rowing team and played football and badminton throughout most of his life. He loves to try new sports whenever he can. He's incredibly interested in understanding ways to make the 'healthy lifestyle' as easy as possible as well as how to effectively fuel-up for training in high intensity sports, namely rowing.

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  1. Microgreens have lots of health benefitS. I hope people get heart-healthier eating it, I think it needs to be consumed more.

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