How Ballet Can Shape Your Life!

When you hear the word 'dance', the first thing that comes to mind is invariably freedom and music. When you're dancing, you enter into a magical, fantasy world where all your thoughts, fears, anxieties, and desires are made, played and woven in with the tapestry of the music. Essentially, all ...

Top 5 Barre Exercises!

Whether you want to become the next prima ballerina, work on your posture alignment or to try a new fun workout with your friends – there is a Barre class for everyone. With the world of Barre at an all time high, I was keen to find London’s best classes along with the Top 5 Barre exercises to ...

Bodybuilding Legends – Rachel McLish

One of the greatest female bodybuilders of the twentieth century was Rachel McLish. Lean, symmetrical and well proportioned, this beautiful bodybuilding superstar set the standards for women in the early days of competitive female bodybuilding. Like many professional bodybuilders, Rachel had a ...

Reset (2016)

Set in the heart of Paris, amidst a backdrop of modernistic culture, Reset is a film that explores the complex and challenging journey of Benjamin Millepied, as he hurtles towards his directorial debut for prestigious French institution, l’Opéra National de Paris, ballet. Cast Benjamin ...

10 Top Health Benefits of Ballet!

With people of all age groups now taking to the floor to learn this classic dance style, it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to stay fit and socialise. Ballet involves learning a variety of steps with French names and incorporating them into a dance routine to music. But it does a lot more ...

Top 10 Dance Styles!

Dancing is a great way to keep fit – and what’s better than staying in shape to some of your favourite tunes? Here’s the lowdown on our Top 10 Dance Styles with something to suit everyone! 1. Zumba In the world of dance, this style is only relatively new – and it looks like it's caught the ...

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