The Major Differences Between Singles and Doubles Tennis

There are two standard types of tennis matches: singles and doubles. Every tennis player has strengths and weaknesses, so some favor one type of match over another. While there are many similarities between these two standards, there are also some distinctions. Here, we’ll explain the major differences between singles and doubles tennis.

Singles Tennis

A singles tennis match is set up with two opposing players, one on either side of the court. In professional games, men typically play against men, and women typically play against women. The game begins with one player serving the ball from behind the baseline. The other player, standing on the opposite side of the court, will hit the ball back across the net.

The ball must bounce one time on the court before a player can return it. The game proceeds back and forth until a player hits the ball out of bounds or fails to hit the ball over the net.

Doubles Tennis

A doubles tennis match is set up with two teams on either side of the court. Both teams are made up of two players each. Again, we typically see either all-male or all-female teams in the professional sport.

However, there are some instances where mixed doubles are part of professional tournaments and competitions. Doubles matches use a larger court area than singles matches, including the area in the alley as the court.

The larger court means the boundary lines for doubles matches differ from those of singles. The rules for doubles are essentially the same as singles, but after each point played, the two players on the receiving side of the court will switch positions.

The Differences

While the rules you need to know to play doubles stay mostly the same as singles tennis matches, there are some key differences. The biggest difference is that singles matches are one player against another, while doubles is a team of two against another team of two. Also, the size of the court and the boundary lines are wider in doubles than in singles.

Finally, strategy is the other main difference between the two match types. In singles tennis, the players have more court to cover on their own, so they have to anticipate their opponent’s next moves at all times. In doubles, players have less court to cover on their own because of their teammates, so they must learn to work and strategize as a team. Learning the top five tennis exercises will help you improve your strategy and game.

Now that you know the differences between doubles and singles tennis matches, you can determine which type of match you would like to play. Tennis is one of the exciting sports gaining ever more popularity in the United States, so get out there and try your hand at both types of matches!

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