Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life — by Jordan B. Peterson

Title: Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life
Author: Jordan B. Peterson
Year: 2021
Publisher: Random House Canada Penguin Allen Lane (UK)


“We outsource the problem of sanity. People remain mentally healthy not merely because of the integrity of their own minds, but because they are constantly being reminded how to think, act, and speak by those around them.” -Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson again is the intellectual who is fighting for freedom of speech year after year. This time I will share five rules from this book which will help you walk through life with ambition, confidence and purpose.

Imagine Who You Could Be and Then Aim Single-Mindedly at That

Who am I?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? Quite hard, what about: “Who do I want to be?” Even harder!

Take your time and answer those questions, in that specific order, then start creating a path, and a plan to reach that ideal person. It does not have to be a 50-page essay about how youre going to do it, just ask yourself what that person (you aspire to be) would do, and then just take it daily, one step at a time.

But you have to remember something, it’s not about the outcome, it’s the process that counts; it’s in the process that you will find yourself, so don‘t miss it!

Abandon Ideology

In a world where people want to throw their limitations on you, in a world where nobody wants to take the blame, but rather adopt and project hatred – it’s toxic! Do not follow the masses, just because a group of people do or say something, doesn’t mean they‘re right.

Take a good look at yourself, and if you made the mistake, embrace the blame, and don’t adopt ideologies that try to blame a single person for a specific problem, it’s not that simple. And if you want a tip on how to recognize these people, here’s an insight from Charles Bukowski: “Beware those who are quick to censor, they are afraid of what they do not know.” 

Try to Make One room in Your Home as Beautiful as Possible

It seems like we are moving away from beauty, from the divine. This rule talks about the light and curiosity we once had when we were kids, don’t lose it! Don’t do that to the kid you once were! Choose one room from your house and make it as beautiful as possible; paint it, buy some decorations, add flowers, add paintings, make it special.

Beauty and art play an important role in our lives, it seems like nowadays we deny it because we feel morally inferior to the great artists. But, do not fall into envy, build a relationship with it and you will see how all the other parts of your life start looking like the most beautiful painting that you’ve ever seen.

If Old Memories still Upset You, Write them Down Carefully and Completely

As mentioned in my past articles, writing will help you improve all areas of your life. Writing will help you organize whats inside your head – and you do need to know where you stand now and where you’re going. If that is not enough of an impetus, and your excuse is that “the past is too painful”, think about this:

To let go, we have to first understand; and once we understand, we will stop rehashing the empowering the past. I know that the past can be hard, I truly understand it, but sometimes going to the past is necessary; the next rule can help you further with this.

Do Not Allow Yourself to Become Resentful, Deceitful, or Arrogant and Be Grateful Despite Your Suffering

Two rules for this one (the last two), are hard to separate. Life can be hard, I know, but please do not fall into hate or resentment, as that will only make things worse! We all have reasons to join the dark side but take that darkness and embrace it, be one with your shadow.

Despite all that pain and suffering, be grateful that you are still breathing. You are more powerful than you think, every hit, every tear, use it as fuel to motivate you, to keep going. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain. Vivian Greene

Jordan Peterson wrote this last chapter while he was sick. After everything that happened to him, after his daughter was unwell and he was seen as a monster, a Nazi, after all that, he is still grateful. And if he can be, no doubt you can too.

Favourite Quotes

  • I will trust you—I will extend my hand to you—despite the risk of betrayal, because it is possible, through trust, to bring out the best in you, and perhaps in me.”
  • That which you most need to find will be found where you least wish to look.”
  • Humility. It is better to presume ignorance and invite learning than to assume sufficient knowledge and risk the consequent blindness.”
  • A certain amount of creativity and rebellion must be tolerated – or welcomed, depending on your point of view – to maintain the process of regeneration. Every rule was once a creative act, breaking other rules.”
  • But there will be times in your life when it will take everything you have to face what is in front of you, instead of hiding away from a truth so terrible that the only thing worse is the falsehood you long to replace it with.”

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Agustin Cardone

Agustin Cardone, from Argentina, currently lives in Ireland, and studies psychology in Mexico. He fell in love with sports when he started playing rugby at 14, soon becoming team captain. He now lifts weights and practices boxing as a way to release stress. He is highly interested in the relationship between body and mind, and is curious about how the brain works and why people do what they do. He would like to help people with addiction, depression, and personality disorders. He believes we all have a story to tell and that we should express it.

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