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My Fitness Journey So Far: Overcoming Shyness

Your first few steps into becoming healthier isn’t usually easy by any means. It requires hard work and dedication but the results are limitless. When you first step into a gym you might feel awkward to the point where overcoming shyness becomes a real need; the first things you might hear is the ...

Coach Profile: Michael Mahy

Coaching type: Life coach Key strengths: Personal empowerment, achievement & fulfilment Your thoughts on Keep Fit Kingdom's Mission: B2100 by 2100: Everyone wants to live a longer, healthier and happier life and I believe the way to do that is through an education in self ...

5 Ideal Foods for Martial Arts Success

This article serves to provide a general overview of the nutrition involved in martial arts highlighting the essential nutrients that contribute to a vigorous athlete's healthy diet. The aim is to understand how your body utilises food in order to perform to its maximum capacity and ultimately give ...

Top 8 Health Benefits of Matcha Tea! (Extended)

Matcha tea is certainly among the new wave chiefs when it comes to hot drinks with some folks drifting away from coffee to get their caffeine kick by drinking matcha shots. For some of you who don’t exactly know what matcha tea is, it is a special form of Japanese green tea which has been at ...

7 Top Forearm Building Benefits and Tips!

Forearm muscles are often a neglected body part of many a gym-goer's routine. But wait! Think of Bruce Lee’s incredible forearms, think baseball bats or steel girder defenders when in a fight. Being forearmed forewarns any potential foe in advance, how handy is that eh? Now's a good idea to ...

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