Botox vs. Dysport: Is There a Difference?

Botox and Dysport are both well-known products for dealing with common skin issues. These injectable medicines relax your facial muscle tissues to remove wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Botox injections have been available in the Toronto market for over two decades and is possibly the better-known product between the two.

Dysport has also turned out to become widely recognized over the years. It has been FDA approved and offers many similar advantages to Botox. Now Toronto provides Botox injections for solving stubborn wrinkles. If you’re curious about these two treatments, read on for Botox vs. Dysport: Is There a Difference?

Comparing Botox & Dysport

Botox and Dysport are applied to deal with and prevent wrinkles in grown-ups. These non-invasive injections assist in decreasing the visual appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscle tissues beneath the skin. By calming and stilling the muscles, the skin above them becomes smoother. Neither treatment method gets rid of existing wrinkles for good, but the effects are intended to make wrinkles less visible. You may be thinking about either treatment if you are not getting the preferred outcomes with wrinkle serums and creams at home.

Active Ingredient

While both treatment options contain a similar primary active ingredient, trace protein quantities can vary. This may make one treatment more efficient than another for some people. Nevertheless, exact variations are still being analyzed.


Dysport decreases the appearance of lines that mainly affect the glabella, the area in between your eyebrows. These types of lines extend upward, or vertically, toward the forehead. They are specifically visible when a person frowns. While naturally happening, with age glabella lines can become more visible during times of relaxation too. This is simply because our skin loses collagen, the necessary protein fibers responsible for elasticity.

Glabella Wrinkles

Dysport can assist in treating glabella wrinkles; it is only suggested for people who have either moderate or severe cases. This process is not suggested for mild glabella lines. Your skin specialist can guide you to spot the difference between mild and moderate wrinkles of this type. If you are regarded as a candidate for Dysport, the whole process is done at your doctor’s office. No hospitalization is needed, and you can leave instantly after the process is done.

Just before the injections, your medical doctor will use a mild anesthetic. This helps to relieve any pain felt during the process. For the treatment of simple frown lines, medical doctors usually inject 0.05 milliliters at a time in up to five portions close to your eyebrows and forehead.


Botox is recognized for diminshing the appearance of forehead lines and crow’s feet in addition to glabella lines. The process involving Botox is just like that of Dysport. All work is carried out at your doctor’s office with little to no healing time required.

How Significant are the Differences Between Dysport & Botox?

In most cases, Botox and Dysport can be applied to deal with the same cosmetic situations. They have a similar active ingredient, basic safety profiles, and functioning mechanism. Because they are both injectable and minimally invasive muscle-relaxing agents, their differences are quite few and far between. Nevertheless, it does help to know which product is best to use to treat a particular cosmetic condition.

Crow’s Feet

Whenever dealing with those fine lines that can show up all around your eyes (Crow’s feet), Dysport can provide desirable outcomes. This is simply because Dysport diffuses very easily into bigger areas to help relieve more wrinkles in the process.

Forehead Lines

Dysport may also be useful for dealing with forehead lines because of how easily it spreads. Another difference also occurs in terms of dosage. Since Dysport is much more diluted, you may require a higher dosage of it compared to Botox. Of course, this all depends on how efficiently your medical doctor works with the actual dosage amounts.

How Long Does Each Process Take?

Another good reason why people select Dysport or Botox injections is that the process takes very little time, just a few minutes. It can actually take more time to use the anesthetic and wait for it to dry compared to the injections themselves. Unless you react with any instant side effects, you are normally free to go home right after the procedure is done.

Dysport Duration

Dysport injections take only a couple of minutes to complete. You will start observing outcomes from the injections within a couple of days. Suggested dosage from the FDA for the treatment of glabellar lines is up to fifty units divided into five portions injected into the specific area.

Botox Duration

Like Dysport injections, Botox injections just require a few minutes for your doctor to administer and complete.


  • Both Dysport and Botox are regarded as risk-free and effective for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles.
  • The results of Dysport may show up sooner, but Botox effects may last for longer.
  • Follow-up injections are required to sustain the results you want.
  • Overall, both Dysport and Botox are regarded as safe for those who are suitable.
  • Dysport and Botox treatments are incredibly convenient.

Comparing Results

Compared with traditional surgical processes, you will notice the results of these cosmetic injections within a few days of the procedure. Neither Dysport nor Botox demand much recovery time. Anyone can go home right after the doctor has finished the procedure.

Dysport Results

As mentioned, you’ll start to notice Dysport results after a couple of days. Outcomes last between three and four months. You would need to go back for more injection therapy around this time to sustain treatment effects.

Botox Results

You may start observing results from Botox within a week, but the full effect can take up to a month. Botox injections additionally last a few months at a time, with some enduring upward of six months.

Cost of Botox vs Dysport

The expense of Botox or Dysport will depend on the area of skin you are treating, as you might require several injections. Several medical doctors may charge per injection. Medical insurance does not cover cosmetic processes. Dysport and Botox for wrinkle treatment is no exception. It is essential to know the accurate prices of each option in advance. Based on the facility, you may additionally qualify for a payment plan. Since these are non-invasive processes, you may not actually have to take time off work at all.

Dysport Costs

Dysport costs $450 dollars on average per session, based primarily on self-reported reviews. Your medical doctor may price it based on units per injection. The price may vary depending on where you live as well as between treatment centers themselves. Some treatment centers offer membership plans for a yearly fee with reduced rates for each unit of Dysport or Botox.

Botox Costs

Botox injections average at a slightly higher rate of $550 per treatment session according to self-reported reviews. Like Dysport, your medical professional may figure out the price primarily based on the number of units required. If you wish to use Botox on a bigger area, then you will require more units, raising your overall cost.

Comparing the Side Effects

Both processes are fairly pain-free. You may feel slight pressure as your therapist injects the fluids directly into the target muscles in your face, after which you’ll be free to go. However, it’s good to be aware that a few side effects may appear post-injection. These are likely to resolve on their own without any further assistance. Really serious risks, although rare, are also a possibility. Talk about all probable side effects and risks with your doctor in advance so you will know exactly what to be on the lookout for.

Side Effects of Dysport

Dysport is regarded overall a risk-free treatment, but there is still a risk of minor side effects. Some of the most frequent include: minor pain at site of injection, swelling around the eyelids, rash, irritation, and headaches.

Side Effects of Botox

Like Dysport, Botox is regarded as mostly safe with minimal side effects. Some of the most typical side effects post-treatment include: redness, swelling, bruising, slight pain, numbness, and headache.

The Final Verdict

The choice of which product to apply relies on numerous factors including the individual response of the patient, the familiarity of the injector with the technicalities of the product being applied, as well as the areas being treated.

Find a Provider

An experienced injector can achieve outstanding outcomes with either product, and the only way to evaluate a particular response is to try each one and compare for yourself. A clinic such as Toronto Botox provides effective Botox injections for solving stubborn wrinkles.

Have you tried Botox or Dysport for the removal of wrinkles before? How was the procedure and what was the end result like for you? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitterInstagram!

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