Spring Season: How to Wear Layers this Year

As we move into the spring season, you’ll want to be aware about how you layer clothes. Remember that it will be slightly warmer but mostly damp. The spring season can be unpredictable, which is why you should still continue to wear layers early on as long as the weather is still erratic. 

Even though you may not have freezing temperatures present, you will still likely see plenty of rainfall, which you should dress warmly for. With that said, ensure you’re ready for anything by reading on for Spring Season: How to Wear Layers this Year!

Base Layer for Temperature Control

When talking about layering your clothing, you must know the basics. The entire job of the base layer is to help regulate body temperature. This can be extra tricky when it’s windy and wet out, as is common with springtime weather.

Your base layer for spring will need to be something light, like a cotton, short-sleeved t-shirt or something athletic. You can wear long underwear for your lower body.

Also, merino wool socks are a lighter alternative for your feet that will wick away moisture to keep you dry and warm. These stretchy layers will help with things like stretching for flexibility so that you can keep up with your fitness.

Mid-Layer for Insulation

Next, you will want to keep all of that regulated heat in from the base layer, so you’ll need clothing that insulates. A great springtime option for this would be a nice hoodie or maybe a fleece pullover. Consider something light but bulky enough that it can hold in heat. You can also burn fat if you exercise while wearing clothing with insulation.

Outer Layer for Protection 

The outer layer should be the shell of your layering that protects you from the environment. Usually, for this, you could use a windbreaker or a light jacket made for all-weather. Rain jackets are perfect for these instances, and you will see many people wearing them in the springtime.

Picking an item like a light, waterproof jacket for all-season wear is something to consider when buying athletic clothing. More people should have items like this in their wardrobe ready at a moment’s notice since the weather is often unpredictable – especially true in spring.

Hopefully, this brief article gives you an idea of how to wear layers in the spring season so that you can get out in the sun and enjoy the weather while it’s pleasant. Just be mindful of how you’re layering before you venture out and you’ll be sure to have a grand time regardless!

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