Sonny Webster Lifts Solid At Rio!

The Rio Games came around fast and went just as quickly, but is far from forgotten! Weightlifter Sonny Webster recently represented Great Britain in the Olympics. He achieved a 333kg total in the 94kg class, a very respectable total for his first time competing in the Olympics.

At only 22 years old, Sonny has had many weightlifting successes including gaining the Under 23 Clean and Jerk record (a phenomenal 194kg!) in the Cybex British Weightlifting Championships 2016. Watch the video to see how Sonny, unintimidated by the weight on the bar, nicely executes a clean and then powerfully locks out the bar overhead.

Years of training cleans, jerks, presses and squats have earned him enormous amounts of strength! We hope to see this determined young dynamo represent Great Britain again in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics!

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