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Bodybuilding Legends – Franco Columbu

Franco Columbu should need no introduction to hardcore bodybuilding fans. The massive muscles on his small  5'5" frame and distinct upper pec development made him an instantly recognisable character. A fine mix of muscle and strength, Columbu is one of the most respected men to win the Mr Olympia ...

Sonny Webster Lifts Solid At Rio!

The Rio Games came around fast and went just as quickly, but is far from forgotten! Weightlifter Sonny Webster recently represented Great Britain in the Olympics. He achieved a 333kg total in the 94kg class, a very respectable total for his first time competing in the Olympics. At only 22 years ...

5 Awesome Olympic Weightlifter Physiques!

So, the Rio Olympics has recently come and gone! Not sure about you, but watching the weightlifters perform at this elite level must be an inspiration to anyone who loves lifting weights!  Although the performances were phenomenal, it was also fantastic to see the level of physique development ...

10 Weightlifters to Watch Out for in Rio!

In 10 Weightlifters to Watch Out for in Rio! we look at ten weightlifters who'll be looking to bring their iron ‘A’ game to bear this summer: Five men, five women, ten different countries. Weightlifting is one of 28 sports which will strongly (no pun intended!) feature at the Rio 2016 ...

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