Oats: Health Benefits and 4 Scrumptious Ways to Use Them!

Oats are whole grains and as such offer a variety of health benefits. According to a Harvard university study, people who eat oats and whole grains live longer and are less likely to suffer from heart disease. Although it’s a budget breakfast option, oats more than hold their own nutritionally against more expensive and ‘trendier’ grains. Curious? Discover Oats: Health Benefits and 4 Scrumptious Ways to Use Them!

1. Porridge

A breakfast classic but a good start to any day thanks to the slow-release energy in oats. With a GI of 55 in rolled oats, they are low on the glycaemic index and do not spike blood sugars compared to sugary cereals. Simply soak them in either water or your favourite dairy-free milk and simmer on the hob for a creamy porridge, which you can customise and top with all your favourite ingredients – try berries, sliced banana, nut butters, seeds or cinnamon to add flavour without added sugar.

2. Granola & Muesli

A good source of fibre, oats are an easy way to up your daily fibre intake. With an RDA of 30g, most Brits are currently not eating enough with an average intake of 19g. Granola and muesli are both good sources of fibre although do check the back of the pack as brands can vary considerably. Or why not try making your own? Muesli is as simple as mixing oats with other grains like wheat flakes or barley along with your favourite dried fruits or nuts. Or to make a homemade granola, mix oats with coconut oil and date syrup and bake in the oven until crunchy. Talk about moreish!

3. Flapjacks

Rich in minerals like manganese and phosphorus, oats are an easy way to raise your nutritional intake. Flapjacks can be a healthier alternative to cakes or snacks made from processed white flour. Simply mix oats with mashed banana and a dairy-free spread and bake in the oven. They can even be made more indulgent by adding dark chocolate chips or why not add berries or raisins for a fruity flapjack?

4. Smoothies

Oats contain more protein than many other grains with 11g per 100g in, for example, the rolled variety. To raise the protein of your breakfast smoothie, add half a cup of them to your daily blend. Try blending with almond milk, banana, flaxseed and cocoa powder for a deliciously chocolatey, on-the-go breakfast for those days when you’re in a rush!

Of course, these are just a few scrummy ideas you can use for oats – they can be used in desserts, crumbles and even savoury recipes. Let us know your favourite ways and recipes that you use them in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram. And after you’ve fuelled up, remember to get busy and KEEP YOUR Fit ON!

Scott King

Scott is a plant-based foodie and runner, having completed numerous marathons as well as the Manchester Marathon in 2019. He is passionate about plant based food which he shares on his Instagram page: @plantbasedfood_scott_runs which features the latest new products hitting the market and his porridge and breakfast bowl recipes. Scott has worked in the food industry, in marketing where he has developed campaigns to encourage shoppers to try more plant based foods and is all about positive eating. It's no to eliminating and deprivation and yes to adding extra plant-based food into your diet!

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