Mindset: 3 Ways I Push Myself Every Day & You Can Too!

Pushing yourself can feel like a mental game, it is like announcing “checkmate” to a lack of motivation. Everyone struggles with motivation in their own way because we are all simply different. It is human to feel like you have hit a wall or fallen on the ground; you linger around that wall or on the floor knowing it is too comfortable then you get that rousing voice in your ear reminding you that it’s time to move on through or around the wall, and get yourself up off the ground. Read on for Mindset: 3 Ways I Push Myself Every Day & You Can Too!

This awareness of where you’re at, first of all, is the biggest hurdle already well…hurdled – identifying that you must push yourself to achieve your goals. I like to believe that pushing yourself is living outside of your comfort zone. Adapting to this ‘push’ idea as part of your lifestyle prevents wasted effort and scurrying back into your shell.

1. Adapt to YOU

For example, fitness is a personal journey, meaning everyone has their own version of it. Finding your journey and not somebody else’s is essential. Adapt your routine to suit your requirements as you’ll feel more motivated to complete each task you set yourself. For example, this could be the type of exercise, the time of day you do your workout or whether you should procrastinate your run to after breakfast. Experimenting with these options will eventually lead you to land on a routine that works for you.

Attacking a routine -for which you haven’t developed the requisite ‘template’ mindset- that is not well suited to you will feel draining and you’ll feel unmotivated to reach your goals. I advise you to listen to your body and don’t be afraid to research to get a perspective on what’s available to you, you never know!

2. Find Your Why” Mindset

Why did you decide to push yourself? What was your mindset at that point? Go back and listen to that initial spark that made you walk up to the start line in the first place. Reminding yourself of that start line will unveil how far you have come, whether that be physically or mentally.

Once you’ve identified that “why”, use it for the absolute maximum leverage that it’s worth and squeeze every drop out of it until you can’t use it any more. Reward your progress because I promise you the valid feeling of personal pride is unbeatable!

3. Self-Confidence

Finding and maintaining a self-confident mindset is a strength in itself. Strong, stable mental health is your ultimate basis and once you’ve secured this, pushing yourself will be easier than ever. Some tips I’ve personally found help immensely when improving self-confidence and mental health are:

  • Talking with somebody you trust, everyone says it, but they say it for a reason – it works!
  • Listening to what you truly need, don’t be scared of being judged for it just listen to you.
  • Relieve any stress by sticking to a routine, incorporating time for yourself each day, less screen time in the evenings and possibly having a “switch off” time from work.
  • Praise yourself, reflect on all of your achievements whether they’re big or small. (“The things that are easy to do, are easy not to do.” -Jim Rohn)
  • Everything in balance and moderation, this includes exercise, diet, work, etc.

Listen to yourself, your body has ways of telling you when something needs to change. Prove to yourself what you’re made of, not to anybody else. Don’t compare or worry about others, that’s not your job! Now let’s crack on pushing ourselves to achieve what we once thought -while standing at the start line- wasn’t even possible!

If you think you might need an extra push to leverage that psychological edge you’re after, check out these articles by Liverpool John Moores University Sports Psychology Graduate, Tom Higgs, which covers the subject extensively from various angles. How do you keep yourself motivated day-to-day? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram

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