Gua Sha: 5 Benefits & Ways to Use It

The gua sha tool is known for its firming and brightening benefits. This flat, heart-shaped skincare tool is often made of rose quartz or jade crystal and is used to relax the muscles in the face, lift and firm the skin, aid with lymphatic drainage, and increase absorption of skincare ingredients. The gua sha technique was first introduced in classical Chinese medicine as an ancient healing technique to flush out fluids that collect beneath your skin back into the bloodstream.

Before starting your gua sha massage, make sure to apply a serum, oil or moisturiser to the desired areas to prevent dragging the skin. Hold it at a 45-degree angle, applying slight pressure. Read on for Gua Sha: 5 Benefits & Ways to Use It! (Your face will thank you later…)

1. Neck

Use the ‘love heart’ side of the gua sha to apply light pressure, when massaging the throat. Start in between the collarbones and glide the tool upwards following the curve of the neck before using the two points to apply pressure to the jawline. Repeat strokes 5 to 10 times to tighten the skin and release tension.

2. Jaw

With the gua sha on its side, use the ‘top of the love heart’ to make sweeping motions across the jawline. Start at the chin and move the tool upwards towards the ear, in the direction of lymphatic flow. Repeat 5 to 10 times before moving to the other side of the face. This stimulates lymphatic drainage, releasing excess fluids in the lymphatic system, reducing puffiness.

3. Cheeks

Use the longest side of the gua sha to massage your cheekbones. Start just above the mouth, to the side of the nose and move it upwards following the path of your cheekbones towards your hair line. Repeat multiple times to break down tension in the muscles and sculpt facial muscles whilst brightening complexion with increased blood flow.

4. Eyes

Use the curved side of your gua sha to massage the under-eye area. Start with using it against the inner eye corner, and apply a small amount of pressure moving outwards towards the hairline. This diminishes dark circles and stimulates circulation, helping with detoxification.

5. Forehead

With the longest side of the tool, pull the tool upwards from just above the eyebrows towards the top of the forehead. This technique encourages the production of collagen which helps to softens fine lines and reduce wrinkles.

Facial gua sha should be used at least once a week for ideal results, however it can be practiced daily. If you don’t already, it would be a great idea to get your hands on one of these tools if you’re interested in defining your facial features! Already using it? Let us know what benefits you notice in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Shayo Audrey

Shayo is currently a 2nd year Psychology student at Warwick University, who is hoping to pursue a Masters in Nutrition. She is very passionate about health, the food we eat, and the link between physical and mental health. Her aim is to work in the nutritional field, combining nutrition with Psychology, focusing on how diet can impact mood, and behaviour, as well as the human body.

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