AMLA: Gooseberry Superfruit Juice with Added B12 & Zinc

Our latest food product review looks at the new, Indian-inspired health drink AMLA. Follow on to find out what is on offer here from this refreshing, delicious drink beyond just quenching your thirst! Here’s our full review of AMLA: Gooseberry Superfruit Juice with added vitamin B12 & Zinc…

AMLA’s Company Mission

AMLA’s mission is to help everyone treat their body like a temple and boost energy and immunity from within. 


Lots of thought has clearly gone into the design of the product’s sustainable packaging. The 500ml carton container is made from 76% plant-based packaging to reduce CO2 emissions, and no plastic has been used. The carton has a yellow bio based cap made from sugarcane. The product is also recyclable.


Water, sugar, fruit juice from concentrate (2.5% gooseberries, 1.5% apricots, 1% lemons) natural flavour, zinc gluconate, orange blossom extract, vitamin B12.

Taste & Fragrance

The drink has a mild and pleasant fruity taste, and its fragrance is comforting and fresh.

Experience, Performance & Results

The first thing I noticed about the AMLA drink was the superb presentation. The packaging is full of information about the drink’s contents, and the artwork of an attractive Indian lady is eye-catching.

No Plastic is Used in Amla’s Packaging

As everyone is now aware of the importance of our environment, it is pleasing to see no plastic is used and it has a reduced carbon footprint. I was rather impressed with the carton’s sugarcane cap too – I’ve never seen that feature on a drink carton before.

As far as I can remember, I have never tried gooseberries. Unsure of what to expect of the drink’s taste, I approached it with an open mind.

Amla has a Gorgeous Taste with Just the Right Amount of Sweetness!

It only took one sip of this drink to make me realize how beautiful it is. It has a gorgeous taste, and I really liked the combination of its fruity flavours. The sweetness felt just about right for me. Knowing that I was getting a dose of vitamin C from the drink’s Indian gooseberries felt satisfying as well.

Added Vitamin B12

The AMLA drink has vitamin B12 and zinc added to it. If you didn’t know, vitamin B12 brings a whole host of benefits to the body and the mind. It can reduce inflammation, improve concentration, boost immunity, and promote healthy hair growth.

If you’re into playing sports or lifting weights, B12 plays its part in muscle recovery, which means it can be very useful after your training sessions. The zinc contained in the drink is beneficial for skin health.

No Added Artificial Colours or Preservatives

Adding more to the already impressive list of qualities, the AMLA drink is low in calories, making it ideal for those who are careful with their calorie intake. No artificial colours or preservatives have been used either.


The cost of the drink is £2.35 for a 500ml carton. Considering the potential health benefits of this drink, it is a fair and affordable price to pay.


Now that we’re in the thick of summer makes it a perfect time to try the AMLA drink. It tastes great straight from the fridge, the taste alone psychologically stimulating you and your taste buds. It will also give your health a good, solid boost too. Definitely give this one a try. Recommended.

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