GEN Z: Pandemic Stress Takes Toll on Relationships, Education & Careers

The world has been surviving through the pandemic since 2020. And currently, Gen Z is undergoing stress more than ever. An increasing number of American populations between the age bracket of 13 and 24 say that the pandemic added challenges to their social lives, career goals, and education.

According to the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, most people who belong in the Gen Z bracket are of the opinion that the pandemic has added complexity to their career and schooling. This survey was conducted over 3,764 people between the age group of 13 and 56.

Most Gen Z advocates favor vaccination as that can add free movement to their daily life. According to MyBioSource, 45% believe that individuals need to get incentivized for receiving the vaccine. Curious? Then follow on for more in GEN Z: Pandemic Stress Takes Toll on Relationships, Education & Careers…

The Struggles Faced by Gen Z

Approximately 45% of Gen Z feel that staying connected with their schoolmates is becoming challenging. About 40% feel that there is difficulty in maintaining a relationship. Few Americans who belong to the older age bracket also complained of similar challenges. In fact, they feel that the sudden pandemic outbreak has disrupted their careers and education.

That’s not all. Close to 35% of Gen Z frequently witness stress. About 46% of people say that they face it sometimes. There is tremendous uncertainty about the pandemic curve flattening down along with the fear of getting infected and witnessing the side effects of COVID infection.

The outcome of several studies and surveys adds gravitas to the earlier studies that were reported among the younger Americans. Most of whom belong to Gen Z are witnessing loneliness, isolation, and stress because of the pandemic outbreak.

Some people are also adversely impacted because of the pandemic’s negative impact on the economy. Some people who have lost their jobs and are unable to find another one, are witnessing signs of general anxiety and stress. It has affected their savings. Since they don’t know about their employment status, it gives rise to further insecurity which only adds to their existing stress.

The Problem of Decision-Making in Gen Z

The American Psychological Association reported that Gen Z adults have witnessed extreme challenges in making crucial life decisions, mostly because the pandemic had developed and increased uncertainty when the virus attack was at its peak.

Going forward, the same association shared that Gen Z was of the opinion that the pandemic was the cause for their mounting mental health concerns. Some of them have even witnessed changes in their body weight. It made them eager to get back into shape and bid farewell to obesity, one of the consequences of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns.

Gen Z job seekers have also been badly hit because of the pandemic. During April 2020, the economic condition across the globe was dire. Several Gen Z working individuals lost their jobs and got into an uncertain phase of unemployment.

People in the 16-19 age group became unemployed with no hope of a job in the near future. Although youth employment has improved slightly in the recent past, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the American employment status for people between the ages of 16 and 24 has been incrementally low.

That aside, workers who don’t belong to the Gen Z bracket have also witnessed similar challenges.  According to the International Labor Organization, the UN-supported agency headquartered in Switzerland suggested a decline in job prospects for Gen Z, which needs to be seriously looked at sooner or later.

The total number of people who remained unemployed stayed the same between the years 2019 and 2020, mostly because youth who didn’t have a job were not searching for one. That has delayed their entry into the labor market.

The Way Out

It’s 2022, and it seems that the situation has improved to a considerable extent. People are moving around more freely than they did in 2020. It could be because of the rapid pace of vaccination and also herd immunity. Having said that, the job market will take time to flourish. Hence, it is necessary for the youth of Gen Z to exercise patience and wait for the desired job. Till such time they can choose a decent, stop-gap job profile to cater to their daily needs.

It’s necessary to remain optimistic that better days are ahead as that is the only way to beat the stress and anxiety that the pandemic has left behind. There will be new variants that can impact the way of life from time to time. However, there is no point in succumbing to fear. Instead, it makes sense to remain practical and leverage the most from the existing situation.

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