Fake Away: 5 Yummy Vegan Dishes You’ll Love!

Turning vegan or plant-based doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your favourite takeaways. What’s more, you can make them from the comfort of your own home for half the cost and half the calories. Intrigued? Read on for Fake Away: 5 Yummy Vegan Dishes You’ll Love!

1. Tofish and Chips

You know you’re British when sat by the seaside, munching a portion of fish and chips before any seagull can try and steal it. So why not try it vegan-style?

For this, thinly slice firm blocks of tofu to create a fleshy texture. Soak the slices in an umami marinade before adding a sheet of nori. The nori serves to replicate the skin of the fish. Dip in your batter mixture before shallow frying. Then it’s ready to serve with your homemade chips and mushy peas.

If tofu doesn’t appeal, you can also replicate fish with jackfruit – see ‘Vegetarian Carnivore: 3 Plant-Based, Meat-Substitute Recipes You’ll Love!’ to find out more!

2. Katsu Curry

If anything good has come out of the UK lockdown, it’s Wagamama sharing their katsu curry recipe, and it couldn’t be easier.

All you’ll need is panko breadcrumbs, a batter mixture and sweet potato or aubergine (eggplant) for your chicken substitute, and the rest of the recipe can be followed exactly. After a few clicks on Google, you’re sure to find the recipe online. What’s more, it only requires staple cupboard ingredients, to get cooking!

3. Salt & Pepper Tofu

Here’s a vegan fake-away you can have ready in under 30 minutes. Cut a block of firm tofu and thoroughly coat in a separate dish of cornflour, Chinese five spice, black pepper and salt. Heat the oil on a high heat in a frying pan and fry the tofu cubes until golden brown and crispy. Serve with spring onions and extra seasoning.

4. Veggie Shawarma ‘Kebab’

Now this edition doesn’t have to be something you can only enjoy after a few drinks! Vivera offer shawarma kebab meat, which is 100% plant-based and highly comparable to the real deal.

So, grab a toasted pitta, and pack it full with fried red onion, veggie shawarma, spinach, homemade sweet potato wedges and vegan garlic mayonnaise and you’ll really be blown away. Who said kebabs had to be greasy and unhealthy?

5. Homemade Pizza

You can’t go wrong with it. And what’s more, you don’t need to make many plant-based substitutions.

Buy a ready-made pizza base, or make your own with some flour, water, and yeast. Cover in passata, basil and all the veggie toppings you desire. Bake in the oven until the base is golden and crisp. There’s your Friday night pizza night, done right!

If you can master these 5 fake away recipes that’d be a solid start to creating healthier and more exciting habits in the kitchen. Don’t let the creativity stop there however, check out some more delicious recipes such as these in ‘Homemade Takeaways: 3 Gorgeous, Vegetarian Recipes You’ll Love!’, or post your favourite fake away-style recipes below or via FacebookTwitter Instagram

Charlotte Ripley

Charlotte is a nutrition student at Newcastle University, aiming to pursue a career as a Nutritionist or Dietitian. She's been sporty from a young age and loves to run and go to the gym. A passion for healthy eating has organically followed this and now she's on her own vegan journey. Her other interests include reading and learning languages!

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