Emotional Health: 3 Reasons Why You Must Take Control of Your Feelings!

Feelings have a lot of power, and they may be overwhelming at times. Have you ever been so enraged that you uttered words you didn’t mean to, to someone you care about? Then, once you cooled down, you realized your emotions had gotten the best of you, and you wish you’d handled it differently? Adults and children alike may struggle to control their emotional responses and act in ways that feel out of their control. Want to gain more peace of mind? Then follow on for Emotional Health: 3 Reasons Why You Must Take Control of Your Feelings!

1. An Important Skill that You Can Actually Learn

One of the most crucial abilities you have is the ability to recognize and regulate your emotions. People who are adept at identifying how they feel and being able to calm down or alter their behavior are more likely to succeed in life, have healthy relationships, and deal with setbacks.

2. Negative Emotions can Lead to a Spiral of Negative Thoughts

Emotions are multi-step reactions involving a variety of molecular and physiological processes in our bodies. Our brain releases hormones and chemicals in response to our ideas, causing us to become stimulated. This is how all emotions, whether pleasant or bad, arise.

Negative emotions prevent us from thinking and acting sensibly, as well as seeing things in their real light. We tend to see just what we want to see and remember only what we want to remember when this happens.

This just serves to prolong our anger or sadness and stops us from fully appreciating life. The longer this goes on, the more firmly entrenched the issue becomes. Negatively dealing with unpleasant emotions, such as expressing anger through violence, can be damaging.

3. Negative Emotions can Lead to Physical Health Issues

It’s possible to experience multiple negative repercussions if you don’t comprehend or identify your emotions. According to research, suppressing our emotions causes us to become more aggressive and easily upset.

Emotions that need to be felt can build up inside of you if you block or control them, causing you to feel them at inconvenient moments.

The longer we allow our feelings to build up without expressing them, the more overpowering they can become.

This may well lead to us employing harmful coping mechanisms to deal with our emotions, such as using narcotics or turning to food for comfort. Irritable bowel syndrome, heart problems, and a weakened immune system can all be caused by not recognizing festering negativities within and still allowing yourself to overindulge negative emotional energy.

Individuals with good emotional health have higher self-esteem and are less inclined to act rashly. Many people (especially these days with covid etc) are not emotionally healthy, but those who are willing to work toward that objective have better life connections, both within and without.

So now that you know the above, don’t you feel it’s high time to learn emotional control and energy management? What do you think about this subject? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to join in the conversation on FacebookTwitterInstagram!

Zhe Deng

Zhe is currently a student majoring in Psychology and Education at the University of Auckland. She is passionate about helping people to improve emotional health especially now with COVID-19. She also has a keen interest in physical exercise and enjoys badminton, table tennis and swimming. Zhe hopes to make valuable contributions to improving people’s well-being by passionately sharing her practical experience and knowledge accumulated so far.

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