Delta 8 Syrup: 5 Incredible Ways to Include it in Your Daily Life  

Since a couple of years back, many new cannabinoid products have flooded the market. After their status became legal in many US countries, these products caught the attention of many. Out of all the available cannabinoids, one of the most popular is Delta 8, and it seems that it’s a derivative that comes with many notable attributes. 

Many know that Delta 8 can benefit you in many ways, especially if looking for a product that can add some spice to life. Recently, many Delta 8 products have become available on the market, and one of them is Delta 8 syrup, which is an intriguing option.

We’ve been exploring Delta 8 for a while, and we’ve found some incredible ways to use it. Here we will talk about Delta 8 syrup: 5 Incredible Ways to Include it in Your Daily Life!

What does Delta 8 mean?

Delta 8 is essentially THC derived from a regular THC (Delta 9). You can find Delta 8 compounds in small concentrations of the cannabis plant. Delta 8 is a part of isomerization, where Delta 9 degrades under pressure and heat and converts into Delta 8.

It’s a slightly less potent version of THC. Nevertheless, it can still give you the effects of a THC cannabinoid. It’s known for its calming effects that help relieve pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Delta 8 can also make you more productive when using smaller doses. Since it’s less potent than THC, there’s a lesser chance of Delta 8 making you high, but it’s also safer to use, especially if you’re inexperienced. 

Ways to Use Delta 8 Syrup

Delta 8 syrup is a variant of a Delta 8 derivative that comes in different tastes, so you can choose which one suits you best. Let’s talk about five ways you can use it.

1. Lemonade

If you enjoy drinking lemonade, Delta 8 syrup can be a great addition to the flavor. Next to that, it can give you multiple effects and make you feel better. Lemonade contains a lot of vitamin C, which comes from lemon in high doses. It’s known for improving focus, concentration, alertness, and productivity.

Delta 8 will help make you calmer, relaxed, and euphoric when mixed with lemonade. To make a Delta 8 lemonade mesh, add half a spoon of syrup, stir it in lemonade, sit back, and enjoy!

2. Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s a classic Italian meal that most people enjoy worldwide. Pizza became everyone’s favorite meal because of the ingredients that go in it – you can add cheese, tofu, onion, mushroom, pepperoni, olive oil, etc. When you add Delta 8 syrup, you will feel happier for longer.

To make a Delta 8 pizza, add about 1-½ tablespoon of the syrup to olive oil. After that, brush the mesh to the crust. You’ll never eat pizza the same way again!

3. Green Tea

If you want an enjoyable cup of tea in the early morning, add Delta 8 syrup to spice up its flavor. Combined with tea, Delta 8 syrup can make you feel content, stress-free, and euphoric. We suggest you use green tea for this recipe. To achieve the desired effects, add ½ tablespoon of Delta 8 and stir it with the tea.

4. Yogurt

For many, yogurt is a necessary part of meals, especially breakfast. It’s beneficial because it has a high amount of protein, calcium, vitamins, and probiotics. It’s great for your skin, teeth, heart health, immune system, and digestion. Adding Delta 8 syrup to yogurt can give you feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and satisfaction.

Before you use this syrup, make sure that the yogurt is full-fat. Add ½ tablespoon of syrup and stir it in the yogurt. You’ll soon feel much better.

5. Slushy 

Another great drink that’s especially good for hot summer is the slushy. It’s a refreshing drink that helps you cool down under high temperatures. For this, you’re going to need two sealable bags. 

Pour Delta 8 syrup and soda of your choice (we recommend Sprite) in one bag. Then put it in the other bag and add some ice cubes and salt. Mix it all together and shake for a couple of minutes. After that, it’ll be ready to go.

These are five ways to use Delta 8 syrup. It can add to the flavor and make you feel more satisfied. Not to mention that it provides a number of positive benefits, making it a welcome ingredient. If you get a chance, try these out! Already tried Delta 8? Let us know what your experience has been in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

Naomi Canham

Having trained as a dancer from a young age, Naomi has always maintained a conscious lifestyle in mind, body and soul which has lead her to the holistic approach that she embraces today. She is always looking out for the latest info and trends in health and fitness. She's a keen foodie, believes in 'food as medicine', and loves to try out new vegan recipes.

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