5 Top Reasons To Smash Your Scales in 2017!

Scales were first invented to define the worth of something, as goods were sold in exchange for money based on the weight of the item and so we determined the value of the product. Many women and men have an attachment to their scales, whether they weigh every week, every day or several times a day. Body weighing can easily become an obsession and take up ‘weigh’ too much of your thought. Now that we’re in the promise of another New Year, we’re going to look at 5 Top Reasons To Smash Your Scales in 2017!

1. Your scales don’t define who you are as a person
Just as scales were intended, to determine the worth of good and products, as many people use the scales to define their mood for the day ahead. If they weigh in the morning and find they are 2lbs heavier than yesterday, they get upset and it has a knock on effect for the rest of their day. The subconscious effects may not be noticed but they are there if you peer into your mind, weed that out!

2. Scales tell you nothing about your body composition or your hormones
For those of us who consider ourselves athletes and exercise more than the norm, our scales tell us nothing about muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. Your weight can also fluctuate due to how much water you have drunk or what stage of your cycle (for women) you are in.

3. Your children are watching!
You can probably guess and understand how big an impact your feelings about your weight and your body can affect your children. If your children see you weighing yourself daily, they no doubt will think it’s normal and the thing they should thus developing early body awareness issues and sometimes diet young which can have many negative effects.

4. Obsession
As mentioned above, the weight going up on the scales can make you miserable, but also does the weight going down make you happy. Absurd isn’t it?
You can feel elated and have a great day because of this and that feeling can become an obsession where you think you’ve somehow failed if the scales have notched up a little, ad nauseum! and where do you draw the line when it comes to your health?

5. Goals
When we use weight as our end goal, we are less likely to notice how fit we have become, how far we can run or how much we can lift. Weight is not stagnant and our bodies change constantly throughout our lives. Even if we reach a desired weight, if that changes (which it will) we make ourselves feel like losers, forgetting all of the positive effects the health pursuits have had on our lives!

Let’s put an end to this nonsense and feel great regardless of what the scale says and at the same time find time to exercise for health daily. Here’s a quote to ponder: “I try to keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me”, can you relate?

Nicola Feustel

Nicola is an Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Teacher. She believes happiness comes when we live life in balance and find fitness pursuits that we enjoy -work hard, play hard! She practices intuitive eating and positive mindset with her clients and believes the world would be a better place if we focus on Body Positivity rather than body hate. She is also a fitness and health blogger, radio and podcast host.

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