Top Spices: 5 to Stock Your Kitchen with Right Now!

Before leaving the supermarket, consider adding one of these top spices to your grocery cart. You might be surprised by the health benefits they offer. We add to our spice collection over time based on new recipes and things that pop up. But there are a few basics to stock the kitchen with that we often overlook. There are several health benefits and unique flavor pairings that these spices possess. Feeling adventurous aside from the good ole’ salt and pepper? Then let’s dive into Top Spices: 5 to Stock Your Kitchen with Right Now!

1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper makes an excellent cooking spice to turn up the heat on various dishes. It comes to us via dried chilies and breaks down better than red pepper flakes. On the Scoville Scale, it ranks as medium heat, so it’s best to start small and sample the flavor as you go until you reach the desired heat level. Adding a little kick to a meal can contribute to the speed of your metabolism and help you break a sweat.

2. Onion Powder

Onion powder is more of a staple than we realize. It brings a unique depth to dressings, vinaigrettes, rubs, and marinades. It can be used as a garlic powder, but almost everyone already has garlic powder in some shape or fashion in their pantry. Consider opting for the onion powder the next time you shop for spices!

3. Whole Nutmeg

This is one of those spices we don’t often think of. But for baked goods, desserts, and cream-based concoctions, you need the whole nutmeg. You can grate it like parmesan cheese and add the shreds to your creations. It’s an excellent antioxidant that you can find in dental products. It provides a balance of warmth and spice in plant-based dishes, meats, soups, and white sauces.

4. Ground Cinnamon

Another one of the top spices to stock your kitchen with right now is ground cinnamon. Many sprinkle a bit on their coffee or espresso to add a little extra flavor and cut down on the drinks’ acidity. But cinnamon is an essential component to a lot of baking and cooking. It’s a dense spice with antioxidants that can really kick your health into overdrive.

5. Ground Cumin

You can find cumin in various forms like seed or ground, but ground offers the sheer convenience of everyday use. Its aromatic properties provide many health benefits like digestive support and iron supplementation. Ground cumin is used a lot in Middle Eastern, North African, and Asian foods.

It never hurts to try just one new dish a week with something new! It’s easy to add salt and pepper to whatever you make because the flavors are predictable. But consider expanding your pantry, as well as your palate with various stimulating spices that offer a myriad of wonderful, magical health benefits!

Spice is nice and is the variety of life! Which are your faves or which new ones are you going to explore this season? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

Jennifer Dawson

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