Top 5 Vegan Yogurts!

You’d probably never think a yogurt could be vegan, I mean it’s such a stereotypically dairy-based thing right? Often, yogurt eaters are interested in dairy cultures for healthy gut bacteria, which the vegan options don’t offer. What they do offer though are delicious, light, healthy, uncomplicated, classic and novel flavour blends for a guilt-free, indulgent-tasting snack. Read on for our Top 5 Vegan Yogurts!

1) Coyo
Coyo is a real coconut yogurt, not merely a coconut-flavoured soy yogurt. The major advantage of Coyo is that it’s thick throughout. In texture, vegan yogurts vary from pot to pot – with consistencies ranging from double cream-like to aerated and mousse-like. It’s a truth of vegan food that the stabilising agents aren’t always the most robust but when you can have instead a magical mousse-cream yogurt, are you really going to be complaining? This one has a distinctive but subtle coconut taste, which makes it a pleasant alternative to the usual soy. You can get these flavoured with cocoa or with a fruity goo section at the bottom, like a Muller corner. In addition, these are pure, proper coconut yogurts full of fibre and nutty goodness.

2) Alpro
Speaking of soy, it would be an odd vegan list that didn’t mention Alpro. Alpro do a plain yogurt, good for curries and other savoury foods, but they also do four-pot packets of sweet fruit yogurts with flavours ranging from blackcurrant with elderflower and pomegranate, to pineapple with passion-fruit and peach. There are also large pots for sharing and these come in different, interesting flavours, such as lemon, apple and almond. They’ve also just brought out a new one with oats too.

3) Pudology
We’re going to play fast and loose with your definition of “yogurt” here, and say that these decadent snack pots also fit the bill. They’re thick, creamy, semi-liquid sweet snacks in a pot, after all so that surely ticks many of the boxes (or in this case, pots). These sort-of-yogurts fuse some of the best flavours out there, including chocolate and orange and banana and toffee (“banoffee”). Or you can have just pure, thick chocolate. After all, who needs to abide by mere stereotypes and just eat fruity stuff these days?

4) The Coconut Collaborative / Koko
These two brands also make it to our list and are well worth checking out. They are lighter, thinner and less expensive than Coyo, and more consistently smooth and creamy. They are both flavoured with more traditional yogurt / ice cream flavours, like strawberry and raspberry. There is one difference: The Coconut Collaborative tastes of creamed coconut, whereas Koko is less rich and more neutral flavoured. It’s also cheaper by far.

5) Provamel
The other big player in the soy, wet-foods market, Provamel, offers a smaller range than Alpro. However, they feature some of the same flavours, including almond, which is useful when some shops only stock one or the other. Provamel also offers classics such as vanilla, plus some exotic flavours, like orange-redbush.

You’re bound to find one or other of these yogurts in your local health food store, supermarket or online shop. They’ve all got a good refrigerator shelf life, so stock up and give your daily breakfast a hearty boost. Add a few generous spoonfuls to your work lunch or spoon some on top of your favourite home-cooked curry. I recommend the plain ones for that though, rather than the chocolate or fruit ones. Got a favourite vegan yogurt or recipe? Tell us about it below or @ keepfitkingdom ! 

Adrian Williams

Adrian is a vegan of four years that's super passionate about vegan taste sensations. He explores and documents the positive health, environmental and ethical aspects of a plant-based diet and is at the cutting edge of vegan news and creations. Adrian also has his eye on vegan and non-vegan options in the UK and abroad reviewing vegan and non-vegan establishments. He is a keen swimmer, hiker and weightlifter.

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