Top 5 Vegan Sausages!

A homemade vegan sausage can be a thing of beauty; generous heaps of satisfying ground pulses, combined with bundles of fresh herbs and doused in spices. But sometimes you just want the sausage without all the fuss. One of the best things about a vegan sausage is that you can be fairly certain you won’t be chowing down on a sheep’s eyeball anytime soon (you may well have found out this happens with various meat processing methods). So without further ado, here are our Top 5 Vegan Sausages. We’ve enjoyed these which are chosen for their flavour and ingredient integrity.

1. Linda McCartney

Taste wise, McCartney’s sausages do satisfy, whilst delivering a firmer, more realistic texture than many. With their stability, they are perfect for sauce heavy meals, and you’re safe in the knowledge that they won’t fall apart into a veggie mess.

2. Fry’s

Fry’s have created a realistic, intense sausage sensation here. With their mix of herbs and spices, they do pack a flavourful punch. They may be on the saltier side however, they do taste good enough to find yourself occasionally gobbling the pack in one sitting (coming in packs of 8).

3. Dee’s

Dee’s sausages consist of an impressive blend of healthy ingredients. They are held together by the vegan saviour that are ground flaxseed, with three different legumes making up the bulk. They might be a bit on the wobbly side if eaten by hand, so perhaps grill them for a couple of extra minutes.

4. Taifun

They say you eat with your eyes, well Taifun have mastered the art of sausage make believe! There’s no doubting their sausage disguise and when cooked and golden brown, they really are appealing. Made from tofu, it’s like like eating a sausage-shaped piece of tofu. Fortunately, tofu is a vegan staple for many, so this isn’t too much of a concern.

5. Dragonfly

Using a mix of tofu and brown rice sees Dragonfly produce a fine sausage replacement in the protein stakes (pun intended). All ingredients are sourced and produced organically and best of all they taste amazing! They do require a little attention, as they lack gluten or other stabilizers to bind, but the reward is the healthiest, tastiest vegan sausage money can so far buy.

So there we have it, Dragonfly sausages are the pinnacle of the vegan sausage world league table (in our humble opinion). Time to go get your stew on!

Alex Sumray

Alex spent his three years at university reading cookbooks and researching nutrition, giving him a burgeoning interest in living a vegan lifestyle. He dreams of eating his way around the world, uncovering vegan delicacies on his travels, blogging to help spread the word (watch this space!). He published an e-book, "Travel Like a Foodie", in his pre-vegan days which charts his food diaries across Europe and is available on Amazon!

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