Top 5 Vegan Meat Substitutes!

On a plant-based diet, it can be difficult to figure out how to get protein in your meals that taste great and complement your veggies.Thankfully, there’s a wealth of choice out there to tantalise the taste buds of long-time herbivores, recent converts and staunch meat-eating friends alike -making for a low-fat, healthy meal everyone can enjoy together. Made up of wheat or soya, here are our Top 5 Vegan Meat Substitutes, chosen for their flavour and texture.

1. GranoVita Mock Duck
Oven cook this with oil and herbs and it becomes a tender, sizzling meal centrepiece! Perfect for a roast dinner, this “mock duck” neither tastes like duck, nor like the Hoisin sauce used to imitate Chinese-style duck – like most wheat gluten products, it mainly tastes like what you dress it in. As far as meat textures go however, this is among the finest. Recommendation: roast for fifteen minutes on 200c, or 180C for fan ovens.

2. Tofurky Smoky Maple Bacon / Slow Roasted Chik’n
These two products from Tofurky are tied. The first is a maple and liquid smoke flavoured tempeh which tastes like superior bacon and is perfect for a classic BLT.

Tempeh makes great bacon because it can keep its shape and texture when thinly sliced and is also highly flavour absorbent.  It’s made of soybeans, not wheat, so gluten-frees can totally feast-out on tempeh. What sets Tofurky bacon apart is its skilful balance of bacon flavourings.

Did you know you can also flavour your own tempeh?

Tofurky Chik’n is unique, in that it doesn’t use classic complement flavours to create the impression of meat (like sage and onion) – it tastes like straightforward roast chicken. It should be cooked gently or just warmed to avoid drying it out.

3. VBites VegiDeli Southern Fried Chicken Pieces / Burger
These two products are exactly the same, only different shapes. The Southern spice blend is just right and gives exactly the taste you’d expect. These would be perfect as part of a classic American meal with corn on the cob, totally scrumptious.

4. VBites VegiDeli Quarter Pounders
Carefully fried, these have a perfect burger texture. The subtle blend of flavours help this product stand up as a gourmet burger. This red-meat texture is a trademark of Vbites – their Meat-Free Meatballs and Thai Fish-Cakes enjoy the same structural consistency. Each respond well to being cooked in sauces, absorbing moisture and becoming extra juicy -which is a bonus.

5. Vegusto Farmhouse / Pepper Sausage
The Farmhouse sausage is smoky and the Pepper is medium spicy. The textures are slightly different, but both have a satisfying bite. Excellent for hot dogs, these jumbo-sized Vegusto sausages are best fried in oil and would make for the best vegan fry-up. They are also a great addition to a vegan barbecue. Vegusto are a Swiss gourmet vegan company with an impressive product range that you can order directly from their site.

With these elite vegan-meat substitute choices, you’re never far away from a top quality barbecue, roast or cooked breakfast to satisfy your savoury taste buds at any time of day!

Adrian Williams

Adrian is a vegan of four years that's super passionate about vegan taste sensations. He explores and documents the positive health, environmental and ethical aspects of a plant-based diet and is at the cutting edge of vegan news and creations. Adrian also has his eye on vegan and non-vegan options in the UK and abroad reviewing vegan and non-vegan establishments. He is a keen swimmer, hiker and weightlifter.

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