Top 5 Coconut Oils!

The health world has officially gone coco-loco for coconut oil and it’s easy to see why. With incredible health benefits such as antibacterial properties, being good for your immune system, it’s a healthy source of saturated fats and can be used in a crazy number of ways – from baking to brushing your teeth! Read on for our Top 5 Coconut Oils! (You can also read our previous article on the Top 5 Uses for Coconut Oil!

1. Best for Value: Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Organic Raw Coconut Oil – £6.50 per 300ml from Holland & Barrett.

With a smooth coconut taste and rave reviews from both the kitchen and the beauty department this is an overall winner in terms of value for money.

2. Best for ‘Coconutty’ taste: TIANA Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – £6.74 per 250ml from Ocado

The coconut flavor and aroma is most pronounced in the Virgin, Extra-Virgin, or Unrefined oils. They are described as cold-pressed and raw, which is simply a description of the manner in which the coconut meat is extracted to make the oil. They are the overall antioxidant rich health winner amongst their rivals and are great for use in curries and all sorts of baked paleo-friendly recipes.

3. Best for those who don’t like coconuts: Biona Organic Coconut Oil Cuisine – £4.79 per 470ml

Refined coconut oil is conversely much less of a beach party in your mouth than it’s virgin counterpart. It also has a higher smoke point meaning it is a better oil for higher heat cooking. Be warned though, make sure it is described as expeller pressed, the natural non-chemical way of extracting the oil rather than the often cheaper varieties full of nasty solvents. Note: RBD stands for refined, bleached, deodorized.

4. Best out of the high rollers: Holland & Barrett’s Perfectly Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, £3.49 per 100ml

As is common knowledge in the health and nutrition world, healthy choices do not always come cheap – and it’s no different in the coconut oil market. Beware of marketing gimmicks such as virgin and extra-virgin (there isn’t actually a difference!) and ensure when looking at the big players that you are paying for quality and not just a brand name.

5. Best of the home brands: ALDI Coco Loco – £2.49 per 300ml

With consistently positive reviews across the board this organic, cold-pressed, virgin and raw coconut oil has been well received since its entry onto the coconut market this year and at only 85p per 100ml it won’t burn a hole in your pocket either!

Now you know who’s who in the coco-loco world. We hope we’ve helped you ‘crack the nut’ in navigating the shelves in search of your new coco-elixir and made the conundrum whether; virgin,  raw, cold-pressed, or refined, that much easier. Stay tuned for more coco-nutty features coming soon!

Erica De La Harpe

Erica is a lawyer turned health and fitness enthusiast! She lives a diet and fad- free life while emphasizing the virtues of exercise and healthy eating to eliminate stress. She enjoys exploring different ways of cooking to achieve nutritious meals that are easy to make and appealing for the whole family. An avid outdoor explorer, Erica enjoys hiking, surfing, field hockey, Krav Maga and reformer pilates. Having left Australia 10 years ago, Erica has travelled the globe and now lives in London while she creates her practical guide to achieving a healthy and happy life!

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