Aldi – Coco Loco – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Aldi believes that you should “spend a little, live a lot!” and their products really do back this up. Everyone is going crazy for their Coco Loco – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, so Keep Fit Kingdom decided to give it a go and let you in on what all the fuss is about! Read on for the full review…


100% raw, organic certified, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil.


Coco Loco is vegetarian and vegan friendly. It has been cold pressed to preserve its optimum nutritive profile and health benefits. It also means it is not refined, processed or deodorized.


This oil is for the ultimate coconut lover as it certainly has a strongly coconutty flavour – which may sound obvious, but some coconut oils don’t have such a rich taste. It lives up to being a 100% raw organic oil and oozes that sun-drenched tropical freshness as soon as you twist the top off the jar.


Coco Loco possesses a strong fragrance which I think makes this coconut oil too good solely for your diet alone. Make yourself smell great I say, and smooth the oil onto your skin as well. I have used this product for quite some time and I love how many things it can help – I’ve even seen some small stretch marks practically disappear. Coconut oil absorbs a bit deeper than other moisturisers so it’s bound to help those little imperfections that need the graceful touch of mother nature. Because it is natural and organic, it’s  super safe for pregnant women to use for stretch mark prevention too, plus you smell exotic which can invoke inspirations or memories of your best tropical summer vacation days!

Other cosmetic benefits of using coconut oil include: as a hair conditioning treatment, dry scalp treatment, soothing skin irritations and oil pulling/teeth whitening, this does work as I’ve been doing it with Coco Loco and my teeth turn out white and shiny.


I think you’ll find it a challenge to pin down another organic, certified, cold-pressed raw coconut oil at such good value. It is £2.49 for a 276g jar which yields you approximately 18 tablespoon servings each of which seem to go a long way. Of course you may get through it sooner if you’re using it to cook with, as well as a cosmetic and teeth whitening product but regardless, it is worth stocking up on as it’s far less costly than purchasing separate products for all of those uses individually.


This is a versatile coconut oil that can be used to cook, as a frying oil, an alternative to butter, a dressing, or as a baking ingredient. With its luscious coconutty taste, a heavenly full-bodied fragrance and representing exceptional value for money. We say yes, it’s a go go for Coco Loco in the kitchen and everywhere else!

Product Rating: 9/10

Coco Loco is available at your local Aldi Store. We’d love to hear about your recipes using it! If you found our review helpful, please share and tell us just how loco their coconut oil got you in the comments below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram

Claire Michalski

Claire is a very active and health conscious vegan. She likes to make working out fun and so often does a variety of different activities that feel adventurous. Her most favoured fun workouts are Stand Up Paddle boarding, long distance walking and tree top climbing, such as Go Ape. Her regular fitness routine includes, HIIT training and moonlight swimming. Claire is always on the lookout for new vegan recipes, and is forever reviewing studies on how a vegan diet and nutrition can cure and reverse health challenges.

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  1. Is Coco Loco coconut oil animal cruelty free? Thanks

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